Interest in Unidentified Flying Objects, better known as UFOs, had grown since the late nineteenth century when H. G. Wells penned his famous novel "War of the Worlds." In recent times, there was the TV drama "X Files" with the tagline – "The Truth Is Out There." It has become customary to associate Extra-Terrestrial beings with UFOs. In order to give an impetus to this concept, movie producers have churned out Movies based on this theme. They have exploited viewers' weakness to the hilt, and the offerings have proved to be super hits.

The audience loves to wander off into a world of fantasy.

There have been numerous reports of strange sightings from different parts of the world, from the ground and the air. The United States has taken the lead to find out more about occurrences of this nature.

US President Donald Trump directed the Pentagon and spy agencies to disclose what they know about UFOs. He has given them a time-frame of 180 days. In May 2019, the Pentagon admitted to checking incidents of sighting of UFOs until 2012.

It seems the President signed a $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government-funding bill. An act was included about federal agencies in the bill, asking them to publish a report on UFOs within six months.

Videos of the US Navy shows possible UFOs

In April, the US Department of Defense released a few Navy videos about November 2004 and January 2015 that showed pilots' interaction with UFOs.

The investigation would have to delve into possible security threats from external agencies like foreign adversaries. In view of technological advances, it might be difficult to identify new-age weapons. Obviously, experts have to evolve suitable mechanisms to identify any flying object and ascertain its intention.

In an interview on a TV show, Donald Trump responded to a question on Roswell with - "I won't talk to you about what I know about it, but it's very interesting." Roswell is the place an alien spacecraft is believed to have crashed in 1947.

That is what UFO enthusiasts believe. In December 2017, mainstream media covered the possible existence of UFOs and alien life.

One of the UFOs sighted near a US navy ship

In John Brennan, a former CIA director, there could be other life forms on Earth. Artificial intelligence has advanced in leaps and bounds, and experts have to harness its potentials to ensure safety for all.

News AU reports about a leaked Pentagon photo of a mysterious object hovering over the Atlantic. It sparked fears of possible aliens living within the ocean. The Defense Department is following up on these occurrences. The Pentagon is investigating the sighting of UFOs by military aircraft.

Thaw in the government's secrecy surrounding UFOs

According to Independent UK, during the Trump years, one development was to open up on UFOs' subject. In 2017, a media reported on the issue where military service members spoke about encountering UAPs. Many see submitting a report on unidentified aerial phenomena UAPs within 180 days of enactment as a government landmark decision. It appears to be serious about unearthing the truth.

Senator Marco Rubio revealed to a section of the media regarding his concerns. He felt the UAPs could have links to "some technological leap" from adversaries like China or Russia. In his words - "Maybe there is a complete, sort of, boring explanation for it. Bucompleteto finds out." NASA has its robots on Mars to look out for traces of lifeforms. Other countries also have similar agendas. The presence of UFOs and understanding them could make things interesting.