Major space agencies are busy planning to conquer the Moon and Mars. Some nurture plans to set up a hotel in space, like the Orbital Assembly Corporation. Its hotel would cater to an elite clientele. It says construction on the space hotel Voyager Station would begin in 2026 and become a reality by 2027. The man behind the concept is former pilot John Blincow.

It seemed in 2019, the Gateway Foundation, a California-based company, released plans for a cruise ship-style hotel in space. It would be christened the Von Braun Station, and it would float above the Earth's atmosphere.

However, renaming became necessary because Wernher von Braun was associated with Germany's rocket development program during WWII. Hence, a new name emerged. It was Voyager Station. In December 2017, there was news that a Russian luxury hotel could come up in the International Space Station.

CNN says the futuristic concept was a novel one. It will open the doors to a new Travel destination. The growing interest in outer space has led to a search for out-of-the-world ideas and revolutionary business models. Hotels have always been a huge draw on Earth, and, naturally, entrepreneurs would like to carry on the trend to outer space. John Blincow explains - "We're trying to make the public realize that this golden age of space travel is just around the corner.

It's coming. It's coming fast."

Space hotel Voyager Station

There is bound to be curiosity about what this hotel in space would offer. It goes without saying that those who occupy the rooms will have to get accustomed to weightlessness. The hotel promises features that are comparable to what is available in a luxury Earth-bound hotel.

Besides, the guests can enjoy views of the world from a different perspective.

Tim Alatorre is the senior design architect at Orbital Assembly Corporation. He wants his team to transport the beauties of Earth to space. Obviously, renewable energy and robotics would play major roles because people have to depend on solar power once in outer space.

CNN adds the designer wants the hotel to offer the niceties of life, from beds to bars and restaurants. He wants the guests to enjoy regular beds and showers. Hotel is a good business sense as Airbnb beefed-up portfolio and acquired a hotel booking startup.

Hotel in space and space tourists

Voyager Station hopes to serve traditional "space food" in its restaurant. There would also be activities related to recreation. Space tourism has caught the fancy of some people, and the Virgin Galactic of Richard Branson is in the fray. It has set a $250,000 per person per trip to launch passengers into sub-orbital space.

As to Voyager Station, it hopes to make a stay at the hotel as economical as possible.

It would like to make it as affordable as "a trip on a cruise or a trip to Disneyland." Incidentally, Orbital Assembly could tie-up with SpaceX's StarShip system to launch Voyager Station. In December 2018, a media report indicated Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic was on its way to make space tourism a reality.

Space hotel a new dimension in hospitality

According to Independent UK, Voyager Station will throw open a new dimension in hospitality. The hotel could accommodate up to 400 guests. The project is an ambitious one. The website of the Orbital Assembly Corporation provides a peep into the future. It will be able to cater to national space agencies that carry out specialized research.

There will also be provisions for space tourists to experience life in outer space and get the feel of being in a hotel. The added attraction would be humanoid robot bartenders. They will perform all the functions of a bartender.