Aircraft pilots worldwide and even commoners have reported sighting Unidentified Flying Objects, better known as UFOs. These have appeared in different locations in various sizes and shapes and have left the observers confused. Many individuals and UFO enthusiasts are curious to know more about these objects and keep track of such occurrences. The U.S. government has renamed them as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon UAPs, and the Pentagon has released a report on the subject. That has prompted the government to consider creating a separate cell to examine the phenomenon.

It would be a permanent office. Those in authority are worried about the origin of these UFOs. These could be from other countries that use them to monitor the activities of others. Another possibility is they come from a distant location beyond our planet. Whatever be the source, the U.S. government is serious about the subject of UFOs.

The Pentagon investigated UFO sightings by U.S. military aircraft and released a report on the subject. UFOs are re-designated as UAPs. There were 144 observations, but there was no plausible explanation for most of them. Recent surveys revealed that the general perception of Americans is that these could be alien spacecraft. A section of them believes in the presence of extraterrestrial life and that they do not pose any threat.

Many UFO sightings could be optical illusions

There has always been curiosity about UFOs. People have sighted them in different countries. They are of different shapes, and enthusiasts love to dream of possible encounters with them. Interest in UFOs (or UAPs) has increased during recent months. This is after releasing an official U.S.

government report on the subject that mentions multiple sightings. There are explanations for some of them. One is that those were optical illusions or figments of the imagination. However, there remains a few instances that are indeed strange and require detailed study. Hence, a new office is in the offing to investigate UFO sightings.