Top 5 video games delayed in 2021

15 BIG Games That Have Been DELAYED [Source: GameRanx - YouTube]
15 BIG Games That Have Been DELAYED [Source: GameRanx - YouTube]

These games are the most highly anticipated for 2021; too bad most won't make it until 2022

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So far, the year 2021 has been quite challenging for gamers. Folks are still having trouble acquiring their new consoles thanks to scalpers and Covid impacting markets worldwide. On top of it, they’re also finding it hard to acquire some highly-anticipated Video Games since they were delayed in 2021.

There are a lot of upcoming titles scheduled for this year. But it seems the ones they want the most are the ones being pushed to 2022. So which highly anticipated games are being dangled in front of gamers like carrots. There’s a list for them to rant about right below.


‘Evil Dead: The Game’

It’s been a while since the world has experienced the demonic lore of the Evil Dead film franchise with a controller. Enter Saber Interactive’s ‘Evil Dead: The Game’ to fill the void. The game stars Ash and his allies as well as adversaries across the franchise. It’s a third-person shooter/hack 'n slash driven game and will feature both co-op and player vs player types. So far, it looks horrifyingly fun and gruesome. Unfortunately, it’s been pushed back to an undisclosed 2022 launch window.


‘Batman: Gotham Knights’

Warner Bros. Montreal is bringing another installment to the popular Batman Arkham series to a new generation of consoles. The story is bleaker this time around as the titular caped crusader and his ally Commissioner Gordon have fallen, leaving the titular city in chaos. The game shifts focus over to Batman’s sidekicks who band together to protect Gotham. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a while as the co-op superhero action title was pushed to sometime in 2022.

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