5 canceled Nintendo games that had way too much potential

'EarthBound' on GameCube (Image source: GameXplain/YouTube)
'EarthBound' on GameCube (Image source: GameXplain/YouTube)

These canceled Nintendo games shouldn't have gotten the axe, but they ultimately did

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The gaming industry has grown into a fearsome titan with software sales rising by 35.5 million globally within the year 2022 alone. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without companies like Sony, Microsoft, SEGA, and above all else, Nintendo. Unfortunately, not every beloved title makes it to the market and that includes some canceled Nintendo games thanks to some undeserved cancellations.

It’s a shame considering that some of those potential Nintendo releases could have led to some of the most memorable titles on Earth. Though that’s just speculation, the concepts and the rough implementations of these titles say otherwise. Here are a few canceled Nintendo games that didn’t deserve the cut.


"The Grinder" (Wii)

Despite its family-friendly aesthetics, the Nintendo Wii offered plenty of mature titles. Sadly, 'The Grinder' didn’t make the cut. Developed by High Voltage Software in the late 2000s, this 4-player co-op FPS was Left 4 Dead before there even was a Left 4 Dead. What set The Grinder apart was that it featured a garden variety of monsters that included vampires, werewolves, and yes, zombies. Unfortunately, the project was ultimately canceled due to a lack of interest from publishers.


"Project Giant Robot" (Wii U)

The Wii U was an underappreciated console. Though its gimmick involving a second screen wasn’t enough to attract crowds much like its predecessor the Wii did, the possibilities were there. One such possibility was 'Project Giant Robot,' created by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. Announced at E3 2014, the hook was pretty much in the title: The player would control the titular being to do battle with others using the Gamepad’s gyro controls. Unfortunately, the title was canceled in 2017.

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