5 games that were seemingly sabotaged In 2022

Battlefield 2042, Star Renegades, and The Sinking City are free to ... - vg247.com
Battlefield 2042, Star Renegades, and The Sinking City are free to ... - vg247.com

These games weren’t just awful; they were avoidably awful. Yet, here they all are.

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As technology progresses, Video Games become more sophisticated in design. But the more they do, the harder it is to maintain stability. Yet some games are launched so haphazardly, their development can come off as being neglectful or straight-up sabotage.

It’s true that some developers are forced to work under absurd conditions that are not only restrictive but also quite criminal–and this has led to some of the most disastrous titles to litter the gaming market.

Given this trend, the year 2022 is already off to a bad start in this regard. Here is a shortlist of titles that are so avoidably bad, it could only have been the work of sabotage.


‘Battlefield 2042’ (PS5, XBSX/S, PC)

The Battlefield franchise had slowly slid down a pit of mediocrity over the decade, which is why the failed launch of ‘Battlefield 2042’ was somewhat predictable. On launch, the game lacked even basic features out of the box and ran like a car on squared wheels. However, unlike its predecessors, this entry didn’t have much to offer considering it was a multiplayer-only title. Ironically, this decision would have also been its saving grace as devs had less to focus on this time around.


‘Crossfire X’ (XBSX/S)

Initially, it seemed that ‘Crossfire X’ was in good hands. The latest incarnation of the popular South Korean, online competitive FPS franchise was being handled by two renowned studios; Remedy handled the single-player while Smilegate handled the multiplayer. Ultimately, however, it wasn’t in good hands after all. Both modes were executed with extremely poor results, which was totally unexpected for both highly renowned studios. However, there’s still plenty of time for an overhaul.

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