10 video games for fans of 'Doctor Who'

The Tardis lands in another mysterious location (Image source: YouTube/PlayStation)
The Tardis lands in another mysterious location (Image source: YouTube/PlayStation)

Titles such as 'Chrono Trigger' and 'Day of the Tentacle' evoke the charm of the BBC series

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Conceived by Sydney Newman and Verity Lambert, "Doctor Who" changed the landscape of television forever following its 1963 debut. Dalek-mania swept the nation, police phone boxes were forever associated with time-travel, and kids everywhere in Britain ran around with their sonic screwdrivers. Though the series was cancelled in 1989, it saw a magnificent 2005 revival by Russel T. Davies. So, it seems fitting that he would return to the series just in time for its 60th birthday.

While the Doctor has been seen in countless tie-in media, there's yet to be an official game that captured the feeling of their timey-wimey exploits. From the ZX Spectrum to the Oculus, every title starring the interstellar traveler has underwhelmed.

Though the Doctor has been underrepresented in the world of gaming, there have been plenty of games that incorporate time-travelling and creative sci-fi concepts. With the upcoming 60th anniversary, it seems like the perfect time to take a look at the gaming titles that capture the fun and imagination in the long-running BBC series.


'Lego Dimensions' let players be the Doctor

Each of the doctors from William Hartnel to Peter Capaldi are fully playable and even incorporate archival voice clips from the show. The interior of the Tardis and the background music even change to accompany the specific incarnation. On the Doctor Who free-roaming area, players can take missions from the likes of Missy and Captain Jack Harkness.


'Day of the Tentacle' was a quirky time-travelling graphic adventure

The sequel to "Maniac Mansion," "Day of the Tentacle" incorporated a wonderful art direction that evoked the classic "Looney Tunes" Cartoons. Players controlled three college students who travelled in time to stop the evil ambitions of a mutated purple tentacle. Puzzles take full advantage of the time-twisting premise with very creative brain teasers.

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