5 more games that are long overdue for release, including ‘Payday 3’

'Metroid Prime 4' has been in the pipe for quite some time (Image source: Retro Studios/Nintendo)
'Metroid Prime 4' has been in the pipe for quite some time (Image source: Retro Studios/Nintendo)

As more games are released in 2022, some have yet to receive a launch date.

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Video game release schedules can be pretty hectic at times. However, not every game is lucky enough to be even launched. Some are scrapped, while others are just stewing thanks to delays.

Whether it's due to design reworks, restructuring of the studios, or just some catastrophe affecting the market at the time, the developers and publishers have no choice but to watch those launch windows remain closed until further notice.

The subject has already been covered in this list for titles – most of which are among the most sought after in the market. But that was just a mere fraction. So here are another five upcoming games that are currently going through the same hell.


'Metroid Prime 4' (Switch)

"Metroid Prime 4" has been in the pipe for quite some time. But the wait is becoming unbearable at this point. Since it was announced for the Nintendo Switch back in 2017, things have remained radio silent with no proof-of-concept insight. Fortunately, the Switch is only halfway through its life cycle, and the release of "Metroid Dread" last year helped to sate the fans’ appetite during the long wait. But there is still no word on a release date, and there won’t be for some time.


'Payday 3'

It’s been almost a decade since there was a follow-up to the "Payday" franchise. The last game "Payday 2" dropped in 2013 and was the pinnacle of the series with its over-the-top bank robberies, break-ins, and police shootouts. That is until the impending arrival of "Payday3." Or so many had hoped. Unfortunately, due to its developer undergoing restructuring, progress for the threequel was brought down to a crawl. Now it’s scheduled to launch sometime in 2022-2023. Fingers crossed.

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