5 best video games of mid 2022

"Elden Ring TVCM ver.1" (Image source: FromSoftware Inc.)
"Elden Ring TVCM ver.1" (Image source: FromSoftware Inc.)

These are the best cut gems that 2022 has to offer and they’re totally worth every penny

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The year 2022 is full of challenges that aren’t fun to tackle. Social distancing is still a thing and the economy seems to be on a verge of a crash. But for some people, there are other challenges that are like those in the video games they can play from the comfort of a couch with a controller in hand.

Yes, this year is chock-full of highly anticipated games to play and we’ve only reached the halfway point. Although not all the games released so far seem like they’re worth playing or anticipated for that matter, the ones on this list are going to go down in history as some of the most well-cut gems released.


"Elden Ring" (XBSX/S, PS5, PC)

From Software’s formulaic approach to RPGs has never disappointed the masses. So naturally, everyone including their mothers expected the studios’ latest outing "Elden Ring" to become the gold standard this year. And that’s exactly what is accomplished with a fully fleshed-out open world, well-thought-out combat system and extremely punishing difficulty complete with unforgiving boss battles. In fact, this could very well be the GOTY for 2022.


"Horizon: Forbidden West" (PS4, PS5)

Aloy makes her triumphant return in 2022 to face more animalistic terminators and enemy tribes in the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" sequel. "Horizon: Forbidden West" brings everything great about the first title to bear and builds upon it with improvements to the open-world design, side quests, mechanics, and storytelling. The only real shortcoming is that it’s a sequel that continues the already vast story of its predecessor, meaning newcomers will feel a little lost.

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