5 upcoming zombie games in 2021

"Back 4 Blood" (Image source: TurtleRockStudios/YouTube)
"Back 4 Blood" (Image source: TurtleRockStudios/YouTube)

Survival horror in 2021 wouldn't be complete without zombie games; here is a list of them to prepare for

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Zombies, zombies, zombies. The iconic shambling corpses can’t seem to stay dead, literally. But that’s not a bad thing for those who are into survival horror games focused around them. And with another year means another round of awesome zombie games to sink hours into.

Despite the challenges facing the world these days due to a real pandemic (not zombie-related, thankfully), gamers are undoubtedly enjoying their time spent under house arrest. So here’s a list of zombie-infested titles that will keep them occupied until the quarantine is lifted.



This first title on the list isn’t from a major developer. Rather, “ILL” is the unholy poster child of CLOUT, a startup consisting of 3D film animators trying to break into game design. Their ambitious title is a visceral first-person survival horror game about a zombie infection of extremely grotesque origins. And what’s happened so far proves the studio isn’t pulling any punches. Game features include an advanced physics system, dismemberment-focused combat and story that’s easy to follow.


‘The Day Before’ (PlayStation/Xbox/PC)

Zombie-themed MMOs aren’t new but they're so few to look forward to. Fortunately, developer FNTASTIC and publisher MYTONA have answered the call with “The Day Before.” The game is set in a post-pandemic America ravaged by its very inhabitants. Some have formed into hordes of flesh-eating infected while others have become desperate survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and vehicles. Players will explore dead cities, join colonies, trade resources, and cooperate to survive this hell.

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