The first human to go into Space was Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. He did it on April 12, 1961. SpaceX now enters the record books for carrying human No. 600 in its latest launch to ISS. Since the days of Yuri Gagarin, astronauts and cosmonauts from different countries have gone into space on a wide variety of missions. The numbers would increase with alien bodies like the Moon and Mars on the radar of America, Russia, China, and others. Technological advances have seen the emergence of the three most valuable tools like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and renewable energy.

These are helping researchers and scientists to explore other alien bodies.

There was a delay in the launch of the SpaceX rocket carrying four astronauts. One of them was the 600th person to reach space in 60 years. Due to the delay, astronauts from the International Space Station had already returned to Earth. They should have been in the ISS to welcome the new team. That did not happen. NASA reveals Matthias Maurer of Germany claimed the No. 600 positions. He and his companions would arrive at the space station after a delay of over a week. One reason for the delay was the lousy weather.

The latest crew launch was the fourth for NASA by SpaceX

Records indicate 600 humans have traveled to space over the last 60 years.

That works out to just ten persons per year. There have been professionals who did it in the name of science. Many of them worked in the International Space Station, forgetting political differences. Those in this space lab were hungry for knowledge and shared them for the betterment of humanity. They conducted experiments to understand the long-term effects on the human body and mind when surviving in challenging conditions.

There have also been a few non-professionals. Los Angeles Times quotes Matthias Maurer saying: “But I think in a very few years, we will see an exponential rise … because now we’re entering the era of commercial spaceflight.” His remarks came after he arrived at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center two weeks ago.

Astronauts onboard this flight of SpaceX

There are three newbies on the crew, and Matthias Maurer (51) is one of them. Another rookie is Air Force Col Raja Chari (44) has flown fighter jets, including combat missions in Iraq.

He is the mission leader, and the third rookie is a woman, Kayla Barron (34), a Navy officer. She was among the first women to serve as submarine warfare officers and the number 601 in space. The fourth member of the team is Dr. Thomas Marshburn (61). He will be the oldest person to live aboard the space station and perform a spacewalk. This is his third trip to the space station. Los Angeles Times adds that their duration of stay would be six months, and they will play host to two groups of tourists.

Recently, the ISS was the location for the shooting of a Russian film.

The crew-3 mission of SpaceX for NASA

Until now, more than 600 humans have gone to space. NASA has identified a German astronaut who represents the European Space Agency as the 600th person in space. He is a member of the Crew-3 mission of SpaceX for NASA. In 1961, Yuri Gagarin, a Russian astronaut, became the first human to orbit the Earth. Within a month, Alan Shepard followed him to become the second person and the first American astronaut to space. There has been a rise in the number of people who traveled to space in recent years. Some wealthy people have undertaken flights to space as space tourists. China plans to have its own space lab soon. Once that comes up, those who want to become space tourists will have more options.