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Dr. Dao did the right thing to settle with United Airlines, says analyst

United Airlines settles with passenger controversially dragged off flight.
United Airlines and the 69-year-old passenger who was dragged off an overbooked flight violently have agreed to settle the case. The amount the airlines paid Dr. David Dao was not disclosed. Earlier this month, a video of a passenger who was removed from a United flight going to Louisville from Chicago went viral. The airline received a flak on how it treated the passenger, who ended up bloodied and injured. How much was the settlement? The lawyers of both United and Dr. Dao did not reveal how much the aggrieved passenger received as a settlement. But while many would have expected it to be huge, a legal analyst for CNN said it could be around $1 million. CNN's Danny Cevallos said it was the right to do for Dr. Dao's camp to settle this early instead of waiting any longer to build up the case. For one, his injuries would not have a huge value as they would heal in the short term. If there's any long-term medical impact on Dr. Dao, they would have to wait further to see how he...