A recent pop-up event organized by the Revenue Republic called Crypto Mixer LA introduced a lot of opportunities for the cryptocurrency community. The event brought together budding entrepreneurs, big crypto investors, tech giants, and startup accelerators.

The pop-up event kickstarts an effort to build a better cryptocurrency network in the community to pave the way for more growth and trades in the future. Crypto Mixer LA also sought to give entrepreneurs, startups and cryptocurrency initiatives a chance to partner up with accelerator services, reports Nasdaq.

An esteemed panel of crypto, blockchain, accelerator and trading gurus including Coin Circle CEO Erick Miller, Dream Funded CEO Manny Fernandez and Vezt, Inc. founders Steve Stewart and Robert Menendez attended Crypto Mixer LA. The Revenue Republic also introduced Xeeda, Inc. and Blockchain Angels.

Xeeda, Inc. is a manufacturer of crypto wallets that can be accessed through a smartphone. It possesses a safe and more portable way of accessing crypto funds. On the other hand, Blockchain Angels by Manny Fernandez is an avenue for blockchain initiatives to get funding from Angel Investors who are looking to support the next big cryptocurrency.

Despite the esteemed panel and new key players in the community, all eyes were on Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model frontrunner, Digital Arts Media Network (OTCMKTS:DATI).

As the guest of honor at the pop-up event, DATI will play a major role in the current and future blockchain/crypto initiatives.

Revenue Republic’s endeavors in pushing for the growth of cryptocurrencies is far from over. The organizers are planning to make the crypto networking events a monthly affair. It will see to it that crypto startups and investors are introduced to some of the biggest names in the sector and this initial event already called in some prominent figures.

Public Accelerator-Incubator meets crypto community

DATI CEO Ajene Watson says that the event has given their company greater visibility for their accelerator services. Watson notes that their newly gained support from the Revenue Republic will be used to further engender support for the Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model in the crypto community as much as it does in the startup and microcap communities.

As the first and only company to implement the PAI model - using Angels+ as the lead service offering, DATI helps out startups and innovators by giving them more room to raise their capital through angel investors and established accelerator programs. As compared to the traditional startup accelerators, PAI gives angel investors early access to liquidity from their private investments within 24 months.

Both startups and the investors benefit from the PAI model. Before this was introduced, angel investors had to wait as long as 10 years before being able to have access to liquidity. This is a very risky proposition for angel investors as there’s no telling how well a business will do a decade after it’s invested in.

In the crypto market, angel investors have a lot to worry about as cryptocurrency prices change drastically in short amounts of time. Bitcoin was at its highest in December with a price of $19,000; pulling back to $7,000 lows in the most recent past. The unpredictability is scaring off angel investors into supporting a cryptocurrency initiative. However, now that DATI is involved, there is an extra layer of protection against such volatility.

As its market is starting to grow, investors are placing their bets on DATI—it has since become a bigger name since its launch back in 2015.

Positive CMF for Digital Arts Media Network

Sheridan Daily speculates that DATI shares could have potential buying momentum after the shares moved above the Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) zero line.

Like most oscillators, the CMF shows when a market share is being overbought or oversold. What makes CMF different is that it can be a tool for traders to use if they want to see the buying and selling pressure of stock by measuring an indicator that goes above and below zero.

The stock of the company was designed to support microcap investors. Aside from having a small debt load, DATI’s dilution rate can be defined easily.

DATI is looking to change the overall state of the market by giving investors access to good startups, and by giving good startups connections with sincere investors through its services like Angels+ and management development of Token Generating Events.

What makes DATI a company to watch out for, is that it allows the microcap investor to become a part of high-valued tech startups which have shown signs of becoming the next unicorn startup supported by “Smart Money” investors.