On Tuesday (May 15), reality star Kim Kardashian released an advertisement on her Instagram for appetite-suppressing lollipops by Flat Tummy. While their website advises to only eat two at most a day, the 35-calorie suckers are made to curb your cravings so if you get hungry throughout the day, they help you wait till your next meal. Many people were upset with her advertisement of the product because it could upset people with body image issues. The post has since been deleted.

The Instagram post

Kim Kardashian has many young followers, so some people on the internet are criticizing the ad because young adults with body issues are influenced by their idols.

Kim Kardashian's body has made many people jealous, no matter the age, but with impressionable young minds, it could be conceived as toxic, because, in a way, she is saying "to get my body, just use these suckers," and that is clearly not the case. She has put hard work into her body and her brand to get her to where she is. Even if you are not a child and having self-esteem issues, hearing and seeing that one of your idols is promoting a product that curbs hunger could make you buy a lot of that product, but misuse it. While this product could be helpful for someone who is dieting in a healthy way, it can prove to have negative side effects on people who are trying to lose weight in the wrong way.

Some people who clearly have not seen "Keeping up With the Kardashians," could believe that she would never tell her future teenaged daughter to have one of these suckers.

She may, but her parenting has been criticized before, and with the pressure of the reality show, who knows the answer? Kris Kardashian, as the family's manager, will find a way to make this blow over in a positive light.

Maybe it's not all bad

Some people are lashing back at the haters, saying they only see the positives and that everyone is being too harsh on Kim.

If you use the product as a way to help your dieting and are being smart about it, the lollipops can help with weight loss. Many people do get into the mindset that a few pounds is not enough and can try to cut corners so you do need to be cautious.

I know personally, I have fallen victim to the iced coffee meal replacement, because it's easier at the moment, but don't intentionally use it to skip a meal.

The caramel macchiato is just calling my name. There is some hypocrisy in this whole situation, as there always is in any good controversy. In any diet situation, we need to be careful of any crash diets or easy solutions, because being healthy can be difficult, but if you do it the right way, it's worth it.