On May 23, Sephora announced its plan to shut down all stores for one hour, on June 5, to launch a new campaign. With the new motto "We Belong To Something Beautiful," the company is looking to further its commitment to supporting diversity in the beauty industry. This new plan of action promises to make the company's beauty space more inclusive for all customers and employees. A visual representation for this platform and manifesto was created by artists Craig and Karl and urges people to embrace each other's differences by standing as one. Inclusiveness is a growing movement, in the world of cosmetics, and Sephora seems to be leading the way.

A nationwide shutdown

In order to support a productive dialogue with its over 16,000 employees, Sephora will be closing all of its stores, calls centers, and distribution centers for one hour on June 5th. Even the home office will shut its doors. The company will also adapt its training techniques to help employees grow and better serve the customers.

Sephora hopes to foster a sense of belonging by "championing all beauty." The new motto also seeks to honor self-expression and build a community where diversity is not only welcomed but celebrated.

Long-term commitment to inclusivity

This is not the first time that Sephora has pushed for broader representation in the beauty industry. In 2017, the company released Fenty Beauty's Pro Filt'r Foundation with Rihanna.

Praised for its wide range of skin tones, this line quickly grew from 40 shades to 50 and was named one of Time magazine's best inventions of the year.

Other good deeds under Sephora's belt include the Accelerate program, which supports female entrepreneurs by providing grants and mentorships. It even offers women the chance to present their products to potential venture partners on Demo Day.

To encourage volunteer work, the company started the Together Fund, which also matches employee contributions to charities. This program even offers short-term financial assistance in the form of grants to employees for emergencies or hardships.

Lastly, the beauty retailer offers Classes for Confidence. These 90-minute makeup lessons are free for people with cancer and also include classes for trans and non-binary people.

The goal of these courses is to help people through major life transitions by providing skincare tips, finding the right foundation shade, and achieving a flawless look for the workplace.

More than a retailer

Even though Sephora has established itself as a major beauty retailer, it is also an influential brand. The company's new platform "We Belong To Something Beautiful" is another step into a future where diversity is celebrated and all are welcome.