Sephora has announced that participating stores will provide instructional beauty classes for the transgender and non-binary communities, according to the Independent, UK. The workshops are part of the Classes for Confidence initiative, which was created by the Sephora Stands project. The 90-minute seminars will be held in 150 locations across the globe, and YouTube tutorials will be made available for those unable to attend.

The brand collaborated with focus groups and gender non-conforming employees to create the program

Head of social impact and sustainability Corrie Conrad has indicated that Sephora Stands' primary concern is inclusivity.

While meeting with focus groups and gender non-conforming employees, representatives established the content that would be provided through the tutorials as well as the proper measures for sensitivity training.

The classes will teach tips and tricks for correcting color and smoothing skin, as well as softening and accentuating features. The goal is to provide an experience that will help makeup-loving participants ease their transition.

This course is the third installment in Sephora's Classes for Confidence

Sephora Stands has composed two other beauty seminars for women re-entering the workforce and women fighting cancer. Past attendants have expressed praise for the experience, which helped them gain confidence to go forth into the world during discouraging times.

The workshops were lead by Sephora employees who shared similar backgrounds with attendees.

As of now, workforce re-entry classes are open to community groups while Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer and Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community classes are open for both individuals and groups. Over 850 classes have been taught, with more than 8,500 people in attendance.

83 percent of participants reporting an increase in confidence as a result. The interest forms are accessible through the Sephora Stands website.

Treating yourself can help treat others

A program of this scale needs a lot of support in order to be successful. Luckily, makeup lovers everywhere can contribute by purchasing the Sephora Stands Fearless Rouge Cream Lipstick and the Sephora Stands On The Go Multitasker Retractable Brush.

For every brush sold, $16 will be donated to the Sephora Stands project. For every lipstick tube sold, $10 will be donated.

Both the retractable brush and the lipstick are available online and in-store.