Businessman Elon Musk admitted to having had issues with time management as a child during a recently concluded Tesla shareholder's meeting, according to a report by Washington Post. Elon Musk founded Paypal, SpaceX, and the Boring Company, among others. His brother, Kimbal, who sits on the board of Tesla, revealed that he would habitually miss the school bus when they were growing up.

"I think I do have, like, uh, an issue with time," Musk told shareholders after the meeting.

In the report, Elon shared how Kimbal was always lying to him about the time, to ensure he never got left behind by the school bus.

But his "issues with time" also show as the production delay of his most affordable Tesla Model 3 has plagued the company for months now.

One shareholder even coined the term "Elon Time" to describe the late deliveries in terms of rollouts and targets of promised output over the years. Despite his tendency to fall behind deadline, Musk remained chairman of this company Tesla.

Optimistic visionary

Despite his nature of being late, Musk said he is a naturally optimistic person. By optimistic, he meant having extreme ideas and the guts to make things happen. One example would be his rocket company SpaceX that has started the trend of reusing Falcon 9 rockets to make spaceflight more affordable. Musk was also courageous enough to think about drilling underneath the SpaceX compound to test his underground network of tunnels to help address the worsening traffic condition in California.

The Boring Company recently bagged government approval to dig more tunnels.

He said he's trying to recalibrate as much as possible. Despite his "condition," he said Tesla is likely to hit production target of completing 5,000 Model 3 cars per month.

The businessman said he aims to be less optimistic when thinking about how he sees things unfold, according to a report by CNBC.

The former adviser to President Donald Trump said his visions almost always come true but not always within his projected time frame.

Deadline to Mars

With earth-based Tesla Model 3 experiencing a delay, followers of his pursuits cannot help but ask if he could fulfill his earlier promise of launching an interplanetary spacecraft to Mars.

SpaceX had earlier announced that it was working on a transporter that could bring humans to Mars. NASA, Boeing, and other aerospace companies are collaborating in a bid to send astronauts to the red planet.