Amazon just announced a new deal has been reached with the tech-giant Apple, which allows the e-commerce site to expand their offerings of Apple products. Amazon says they will now sell more Apple devices directly and have access to the latest Apple offerings including the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the Apple Watch Series 4.

CNET reported that the e-commerce company will also sell the company's lineup of Beats headphones. Amazon's latest news comes just days after their announcement that Prime members will soon be able to choose what day their deliveries will arrive.

The deal encompasses the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India. New Apple products will begin to hit Amazon sites over the next few weeks. Amazon now limits Apple products to be sold by Apple-authorized resellers. The deal does not include every Apple device. For example, Apple's popular HomePod is still not available on Amazon.

Amazon issued a statement to The Verge, saying their goal is to improve the customer experience and the best way to achieve that goal is by expanding their product selection. Amazon also said they are excited to have the opportunity to grow their offerings of Apple and Beats products around the globe.

New Amazon deal cracks down on unauthorized sellers

Amazon is cracking down on unauthorized resellers, and current sellers will have their listings taken down on January 4.

Sellers will then have to apply to Apple to become official resellers before they can sell their Apple devices on the e-commerce site.

This new partnership means that customers will have a better offering of new products but at standard prices. While this is a big win for Amazon, it makes it harder for customers to find used devices on the site.

For the tech-giant, the deal gives the company a better shot at selling more products globally.

Amazon deal works at improving relations between the two companies

The new deal comes as the two companies begin to improve their relations with each other. In 2015, Amazon took down Apple TV video streamers from their listings but brought the devices back last year.

This comes as Amazon said it would be bringing back Google's Chromecast streamer. Some industry insiders are concerned about the timing of the deal. According to CNET, they believe that Apple is risking a lot by providing sales data to Amazon.

The new Amazon-Apple deal does not affect Amazon's Renewed program, that sells refurbished electronics. The deal gives Apple and Amazon more control over pricing and inventory. Amazon also reached a similar deal with Nike, that allows the two companies to eliminate counterfeits on Amazon and cracks down on the unauthorized third-party sale of Nike apparel.