Analysis of the main trends that will star in the e-Commerce landscape in the next year 2018 has revealed key factors.There are a few trends expected to gain prominence in the coming year, Those who want to grow their businesses should take note of these e-commerce focuses in the very near future.

Mobile is king (m-commerce)

There are more users who buy online using mobile devices than from the desktop devices. According to data from several studies, six out of 10 consumers are already mobile buyers.This trend has compelled Online Stores to adapt quickly to new ways of buying.

In fact, 84 percent of the stores analyzed already have an optimized or responsive design of their online store, while three years ago only 60% of them had this feature. According to the data, it is expected that next year the number of online stores with designs adapted to mobile devices will increase even further.

Faster and more flexible order fulfillment

The shipping conditions offered by online stores are one of the most important aspects for consumers around the world when buying online. In this sense, the logistics of online stores will evolve with two new trends during the next year. In the first place, shipments will be handled on the same day (same day delivery), since the number of online stores offering this service multiplied by four between 2015 and 2017, reaching 16 percent.In addition, the order fulfillment will be increasingly flexible in terms of picking up the order, as they merchants continue to increase delivery models.

Black Friday is all the rage

Black Friday has settled definitively in many countries and has become a vital date for e-commerce outlets. It is expected contribute to a rise in traffic 2018. Many retailers have seen a spike in sales over the years with some registering an increase of over 100 percent.

ePayment rules

The internationalization of electronic commerce has allowed the widespread use of credit /debit cards and electronic payment platforms, such as PayPal and Payoneer.In terms of payment methods, the penetration of the use of debit cards will continue to grow, since the majority stores already accept payment by debit card, a much higher percentage than in previous years.

Faster buying processes (made in one step)

Buying online will be easier and faster. Online stores are aware of the need to improve the user experience and are reducing the steps that a buyer has to follow during the purchase process.While in 2015 it was necessary to follow 4.7 steps on average during the checkout process, in 2017 the average number of steps has been reduced to in 2.7.

It seems that these steps will be reduced even further in 2018. Analysts expect an increase in the use of single page checkout (purchase in a single step), which now has already been implemented by up to 40 percent of online stores.

The information that online stores show to users during the purchase process has also been analyzed. Specifically, a significant number of online retailers include additional costs in the shopping cart, such as shipping costs, the possibility of entering a discount code in the shopping cart, and slightly less than half shows the time of shipping or payment options.