2019 has become a strange year for the tech giant Apple. The tech giant is normally beating the competition with its billion-dollar gloves, but now it's trying to keep up and adapt to the environment. While Apple normally holds these glitzy events, the one on Monday was very different. They were not introducing a new product like the latest iPhone or MacBook. They made that announcement in a press release last week.

This year, Apple was focused on service, change and a new path forward. Apple has followed Hollywood in their footsteps. The tech giant unveiled a new streaming service as part of its billion-dollar bet to inch their way into the original content and digital streaming market that's been out there.

They managed to bring in star power to promote their upcoming Apple TV+ service. Steven Speilberg, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston shared their excitement for what Apple is offering its customers.

Tech giant heading into a new direction with streaming service

Apple is considering a special package for Apple+ that includes original programming, for a small fee of course. Not much was mentioned about the package during the event but it did confirm that the service would be available by the fall. Original streaming content wasn’t all Apple had in store.

Apple News+ is now available for $9.99 and month and includes more than 300 newspapers and magazines to its subscribers, including The Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

They also introduced the Apple card, which is a payment system, that does not charge any user fees. For gamers, there is a new Apple Arcade, which is a video game subscription service that is rumored to have more than 100 new and exclusive titles.

Apple is hoping to take a bite out of the competition with their rebooted services

Apple appears to be looking for a way to plant its foot inside the journalism and finance industries. Apple doesn't just want to be your device anymore, it wants to be your financial institution, your cable provider, news provider, and video game center.

Apple appears to be hoping that consumers buy into this new venture.

The question that remains is whether they can put a new spin on services they've offered in the past? It's now just a matter of time until we see if Apple has a future when it comes to streaming and gaming. Did they wait too long to enter the streaming competition, or do they still have a chance to take a bite out of the competition?