For Apple, the sky is the limit. Apple has hit an impressive milestone with an overall value of $1 trillion in value. The powerhouse is known for making their signature laptops, tablets, desktops, phones, watches, and other accessories.

The brand has stayed afloat through its many ups and downs, with competition from many other brands like Samsung making a new tablet. However, the company has only continued to grow. In addition, Apple will be introducing iOS 12 in September of this year.

The first of its kind

Just yesterday (August 2), the company was able to reach $1 trillion in value, according to an article by the BBC.

It becomes the first public company to be worth that much money. The stock and shares have been at all-time highs with "shares closed at a new record high of $207.39." Apple was impressively able to beat out other top competitors, such as Amazon and Microsoft, to be the first to reach $1 trillion.

Amazon has been able to do really well, especially since acquiring PillPack, to launch itself into the pharmaceutical business. Also noteworthy was the acquisition of Whole Foods. Amazon has been able to do really well, even to the point of putting other retail stores out of business, because individuals can easily purchase items online right from their account.

Apple has been able to reach the mark by increasing prices.

A graphic on the BBC article shows an evolution of products with the iPod arriving in October of 2001, then to one of its most successful and pricey products in the iPhone, launching in June of 2007. Then came the iPad in April 2010 and the iPhone X in September of 2017.

Apple has been able to make money in ways other than selling devices, as the article by BBC states "It now makes about $10bn every three months from services such as selling apps, cloud storage and music streaming.[sic]"

Steve Jobs laid the foundation

Apple went through its struggles, believe it or not, as a company.

An article by the New York Times lists the financial instability and competition it faced prior. It states that "In 1997, Apple was on the ropes...and was being decimated by Microsoft." The article indicates that in 1996, the brand had lost $867 million.

The company was on the brink of bankruptcy until Tim Cook took over after the death of Jobs and brought the company financial stability and massive growth as a brand.

The article notes that the company was founded back in 1976 with only making computers, but expanded into many other devices. The other products that would come out like the iPod, iPhone, and desktop would make the company a fortune and turn it all around.

The iPhone, specifically, is what made Apple a lot of money. A new iPhone is released almost every year, helping improve the bottom line. According to the article: "More than 1.4 billion have been sold since it was introduced in 2007."

Steve Jobs laid down the successful foundation for Apple, but Tim Cooks took over and made it grow tremendously by doing business with manufacturers in China. It's possible that rising tensions between the US and China could hurt Apple in the future.