McDonald's just announced that they are working to raise US sales numbers with a new line of breakfast items. CEO Steve Easterbrook announced they would be launching the new items, but did not say anything else. Later in the day, they announced their new Triple Breakfast Stacks, for a limited-time. Comic Book reported that McDonald's took to Twitter saying that menu hacks led to them creating new breakfast items.

The new Triple Breakfast Stacks contain two sausage patties, bacon, two layers of American cheese, and an egg. Customers can choose to put it on either a biscuit, McMuffin or McGriddle.

McDonald's noted that the items were made available November 1. Fans have spent years creating customized food inspired by McDonald's menu items. The announcement comes just days after they announced that they would be removing Happy Meals from their value menu.

McDonald's customers inspired the new menu offerings

Their Manager of Culinary innovation, Chef Mike Haracz acknowledged that people have been hacking the McDonald's menu for a long period of time. Haracz released a statement saying McDonald's enjoys seeing how their customers have to give their own unique take on classic items to their liking. One popular secret menu item is an ice cream sandwich, that includes two cookies instead of the standard cone.

Business Insider first announced McDonald's new breakfast offerings. A UK McDonald's rep said that they were not going to change their breakfast menu in Britain. McDonald's also said that they understood that customers wanted a more filling breakfast sandwich option in the morning.

McDonald's struggling to increase sales

McDonald's established their "All-Day Breakfast" menu to draw in more customers, with the intent of competing against Chipotle and Shake Shack.

The decision led to increased sales. Steve Easterbrook said that the company wants to do better at breakfast. He believes McDonald's will achieve this by rolling out some new food items and launching some new initiatives. Business experts have said that share losses during breakfast hours skyrocketed in the third quarter of 2018.

The popular fast food joint has been struggling to increase revenue and earnings, drawing criticism from franchisees. McDonald's has begun remodeling on dozens of its restaurants, adding new self-order kiosks and giving the restaurant a more modern feel. McDonald's in the UK, also recently began using paper straws instead of plastic straws.