Effective April 1, 2018, Kenichiro Yoshida will be taking on the role of President and CEO of Sony following a management transition proposed by current CEO Kazuo Hirai. This announcement came as a surprise to many, including the Nominating Committee and Board of Director's at Sony, considering the success of the company over the six years with Mr. Hirai at the helm.

Since taking on the role of CEO in April 2012, Kazuo Hirai had a clear vision revolving around the Japanese word "kando," or emotional involvement. He also aimed to improve profitability for Sony, a goal he achieved with the great success of the PlayStation 4 which no doubt helped put Sony on track to surpass their current financial goals.

After deliberation held February 1, Sony report that Mr. Hirai and the Sony Board of Directors agreed to a management realignment that they believe will ensure future success. Whatever the future may hold, the momentum to continue growing is certainly there after Kazuo Hirai had such a strong six years as Sony's CEO.

The future of sony

April 1 marks the beginning of the Japanese financial year as well as a new beginning for Sony. With projections looking good for Sony, hopes are that by handing off the baton they will be able to keep the momentum and continue to innovate and grow with the new footholds they have achieved over the past six years.

While roles may be changing in Sony's upper management, Kazuo Hirai will still be very present to continue to offer his knowledge and vision.

Mr. Hirai currently holds the titles of President, CEO, Director, and Representative Corporate Executive Officer; beginning April 1st he will hold the titles, Chairman and Director.

Kenichiro Yoshida will be taking on all of Kazuo Hirai's former titles and moving away from some of his current roles (currently he holds the titles of Executive Deputy President, Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Representative Corporate Executive Officer).

Mr. Yoshida plans to continue to build upon the successes of Mr. Hirai to continue to improve global competitiveness and profits across the Sony Group.

Board of Directors support Hirai's recommendations

The Board of Directors unanimously supported Kazuo Hirai's recommendation of Kenichiro Yoshida as his successor, a good indicator that the transition will be smooth and Sony will hit the ground running at the beginning of the Japanese fiscal year of 2018.

Sony fans are certainly grateful for everything Kazuo Hirai achieved during his time as CEO, and we look forward to the things to come.