Very few airlines operate the Airbus A380 today. Its design was meant to cater to long haul flights because of its size and the famous inflight experience. However, Singapore Airlines wants to ring in a change. It plans to deploy one of these aircraft on a short-haul flight. The duration of the flight would be of 60 minutes and it might take off from November 2021. Probable routes would be for Travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This can lay claim to being the shortest A380 passenger flight in service at present.

The deployment by Singapore Airlines would be on an "ad hoc basis." The tentative frequency for one set of flights would be thrice weekly from November 4 to December 2, 2021.

There would be a second set of flights between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur four times a week from November 5 to December 3. In October 2020, Singapore Airlines converted two stationary A380 superjumbos into restaurants. The airline loves to innovate and in the peak period of coronavirus, they wanted to ensure that their visibility remained intact.

Reinstating grounded A380s on the cards of Singapore Airlines

The coronavirus pandemic led to the grounding of aircraft. Inadequate load of passengers meant loss to the airlines and they put their aircraft on the ground. Singapore Airlines followed the practice and it now plans to reinstate its grounded A380s. That would cover selected routes like return flights between Singapore and London from mid-November.

A spokesman of the airline explained that the A380 Kuala Lumpur flights were a part of operational requirements. An official of Singapore Airlines said it is aware of the soft corner passengers have for the Airbus A380. That is one of the reasons for giving a new lease of life to the aircraft. CNN quotes him saying: "The A380 is a wonderful aircraft.

Some people just book the A380 specifically to fly on it."

Others are following Singapore Airlines

The strategy of Singapore Airlines is a step towards a gradual recovery from the pandemic. Airlines all over the world wants to see their aircraft in the air and not on the ground. Other airlines are also keen to tap the potential of operating one-off short-haul superjumbo flights.

British Airways is one of them. Beginning early November 2021, it will undertake flights by A380s from London to select European destinations like Frankfurt and Madrid. It describes this as a move to "allow for crew familiarization" before the aircraft return to transatlantic service. Airbus has stopped production of A380, the superjumbo. Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Qantas and All Nippon Airways, are still committed to the A380.

Comeback for A380 through short hops of Singapore Airlines

According to Stuff NZ, many airlines like Singapore and Malaysia wanted to replace the giant A380 with cost-effective smaller aircraft. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced a change of strategy.

Singapore Airlines will bring them back into service. Other airlines are also on a track similar to that of Singapore. The Airbus A380 entered service in 2007 as long-haul competition against Boeing 747. It held pride of place in the industry but competition was tough. Its production line is closed.