"Rick and Morty" fans grow frustrated with no news about their favorite Adult Swim show. However, merchandise arrives ahead of announcements on the premiere date of Season 4. One company, BlackMilk from Australia worked with Adult Swim on a collaboration for a clothing line, Mashable reported. Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans clicked on the announcement of the Blu-ray 31 episode box set coming on February 12. They showed interest in some Rick and Morty Nesting Dolls as well. However, lots of them checked in to nag for the release date, which falls on the deaf ears of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

Fans want a release date for Rick and Morty - desperately

Pleading fans never get answers from the creators of "Rick and Morty," but that never stops them from asking anyway. The last time we saw anything of interest about the show was back on January 29, where for a brief moment, fans hoped they just spotted a clip from Season 4. However, finally, folks figured it was just something they did for Adult Swim. Mind you, it was pretty whacky. Here's what some fans had to say about it:

  • Gangster: "Y’all making everything but a new season."
  • Doogless: "Every time I get an alert from rick and morty I hope its finally an announcement for season 4 but yet it's not."
  • Mnera: "Now we have to wait another to years for new episodes."
  • Makalah: "I’m about tired of waiting...WHENS SEASON FOUR START?!??!!"

It's short, it's sweet, but it seems not to be anything Season4.

You can view it below:

The BlackMilk clothing line for Rick and Morty

Well, with no Season 4 enticements, fans at least can take a look at the merch coming out. Even that makes fans of the show hope dearly it's a sign of more than just empty wallets for them.

They hope it's a sign that something finally pops up about a release date. In their post about the collaborative clothing line, BlackMilk noted that it would be available with effect from February 19.

Merchandise Blu-ray 31 episode box set and Nesting Dolls

Apart from more questions asking for Season 4, plenty of fans agreed they definitely would plunge into their pockets to get the episode box set. However, fans of "Rick and Morty" really liked the Nesting Boxes. Comments ranged from early birthday pleas through to an immediate need to get them. Of course, this was all interspersed with hopeful comments that this heralds Season 4 at least sometime in our current lifetimes.

Just make Season 4 of Rick and Morty happen now, fans beg

Looking at merch, or even digging out the piggy bank for it might salve some frazzled and thinly wearing nerves. Actually, wearing something "ricked" may keep fans of the show rocking for a bit. However, the eternal plea shall not fade away for the new season date. Just make Season 4 happen, comes the cry..."Pleeeeeeze!!!!!"

What do you think about the new "Rick and Morty" merchandise? Would you look cool in some Ricked clothing? Do you hope this is a good sign that a Season 4 date may actually be announced soon?

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