Season’s greetings to one and all. With all the good candies and delicious feasts that Easter brings, we’ve been graced with the news that every single "Rick and Morty" fanatic has been wanting to hear. Season 4 is nigh, and as all things exciting, the debut is closer than it has ever been.

Under the wraps

With what seems like a whole year and a half, Adult Swim and the team behind "Rick and Morty" have kept their valiant efforts at working towards the big release all hush hush. Fans have been jumpy over literally any vague or minor indication of what could possibly be a surprise debut or official release dates but to no avail.

The promotions for the show, however, never slowed down, nor did the hype diminish, which clearly speaks for the show’s reputation.

Sarah Chalke, who voices Beth Sanchez in the show has been the first one to offer any manner of an indication towards the show’s progress. Although vague, Sarah mentioned that the show is coming, which could mean anything at this point.

Also singing high praises about the show’s co-producers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, and at how the upcoming season has a bucket-load of potential material already worked on, Sarah seems to have caused more tension amidst the eager fans, teasing them with the idea of a quick release.

Season four forecasts the return of some of the fan favorites from previous seasons, along with the epic faceoff between Rick Sanchez and Evil Morty. The fandom largely speculates the return of Snuffles aka Snowball, courtesy to Justin Roiland's post on Instagram.

Amidst the obvious character buff that Morty has received, the true nature of Rick Sanchez and his cybernetic implants are largely a mystery. The mystery revolving around whether Beth stayed back or if she chose to move on while her clone took her place is another question that might or might not be answered. It is uncertain as of now as to where the story will lead us but will converge at these aforementioned resolves.

The wait for "Rick and Morty" Season 4 has been rather long. After a year and a half of speculation and rumors, there’s finally some information about the fourth season of "Rick and Morty."

Glancing at the Glass Ball

The predictability factor of the show’s release has been thrown out the window, surpassing popular theories by fans who figured there might be a new episode on April Fool’s day or those who decoded the promo’s and shorts during the commercials. Although the release dates are in the hands of Harmon and Roiland, one is sure to expect them at the earliest this year. It could very well be sometime around July like it was for the third season, or earlier. Keeping in mind that team "Rick and Morty" has always delivered the best, we continue to wait for the best-animated television show to make its long-awaited return.