As most members of the “Rick and Morty” fandom know, the show began its now long hiatus from television with the end of Season 3 in October 2017. To the delight of fans, the series was finally confirmed to be renewed for 70 more episodes, ensuring its future on Adult Swim.

The question remains: When is Season 4 coming out? Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s hit show has ceased to lose its momentum, even with the extensive gap between seasons, becoming a cultural phenomenon. That being said, many fans are interested in the future of the series.

How Season 3 ended

The end of Season 3 was almost disturbingly normal. The Season 2 finale left viewers with many questions due to Rick being imprisoned, as well as many other factors. Given how tense of a finale Season 2 gave us, Season 3 ending with the family at the table laughing at Rick as per usual, may seem a bit surprising. This type of ending means infinite possibilities for the next season though.

Season 4 debut date

There is no set release date for the hit show’s Season 4 as of now, but it is safe to say that it won’t be coming out in 2018 most likely. Even at the end of the third season, we were greeted by our old friend Mr. Poopybutthole to tell us that Season 4 would not come for a long time.

The episode renewal itself was not announced until almost mid-2018, making it highly likely that product could not start until that point. Ryan Ridley, a writer on “Rick and Morty” estimated that the next season would not hit Adult Swim until the latter half of 2019.

Inside scoop on production

If we look at the hints of production that we have been given, it does provide a slightly less pessimistic outlook, however.

In early September, Harmon informed us through his Instagram that the team of animators for the show have started the drawing process. This announcement came only a few days after a different one that suggested voice recording that already begun. If we compare this information to what was given in 2017, this might be a good sign for it coming out earlier than expected.

In early 2017, Harmon stated that the animators were drawing Season 3 on his podcast. The season did end up premiering very soon afterward. This leaves some room to believe that Season 4 could premiere before the end of the year. In a teaser for Season 3, Mr. Poopybutthole ended up predicting the premier time, so it’s not impossible that we could see Season 4 premier around Christmas. After all, Mr. Poopybutthole did say he might have a Santa Claus beard.

All about promos

Adult Swim seems to be doing a magnificent job as far as promoting the upcoming season is concerned. Although there has been no official full-length teaser trailer of any sort yet, we could expect one about a month away from the release date.

There have, however, been numerous tiny promos in between commercials that clearly indicate that the new season is in works.

These fun little snippets comprising greatly of the titillating duo are often fairly mischievous, and sometimes even obscure, leading the audience into believing that there could possibly be a hidden message of sorts.

One of these left the collective fandom into decoding it, eventually leading them to believe that the secret messages meant a surprise debut episode on the 4th of July, but to no avail.

The more recent one had the Smith-Sanchez family in an X-Men themed promo, and with every new release comes to an ardent need for more.

Episode Count

The confirmation of the fourth season around late July-early August this year brought forth rumors about a full 14 episodes, each of which would last the regular 30 odd minutes.

A similar figure was promised for the third season, and what was received was definitely not what was promised, although the episode count of 10 was received with immense love from the fandom. It would only be fair to assume the actual count once the season is released.

Cast and Guest Stars

Every brand new season of "Rick and Morty" has a plethora of guest voice actors, making every episode a delight with their very own unique performances. We’re guessing this season will be no different in that manner, only that the list of stars will only grow bigger.

Aside from the main cast of Justin Roiland, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke, and Chris Parnell, there have been indications that Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future may join the list of guest stars. Another obvious indication so happens to be Kanye West.

Recurring guest stars in every season include Keith David as the President, who is sure to return this upcoming season. Other stars that may return include Rob Paulsen as Snuffles aKa Snowball, and Gillian Jacobs as Supernova.


"Rick and Morty" followed the timing of 11:30 PM on Sunday nights as far as the third season is concerned, and the same could apply for the upcoming season if a more favorable time slot isn’t chosen.

For all there is to say, the fans wouldn’t mind any time slot as the upcoming season has a lot of answers to the questions left behind by Season 3. Here’s hoping it hits the screens soon.