As the days go by and the excitement cascades, "Rick and Morty" fans all over the globe have a lot to thank for. Two weeks ago, "Rick and Morty" co-producers Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon had an interview with renowned media website Entertainment Weekly, in which they had exciting developments to share about the show. Not only did they neatly summarize what is to be known as of now, but also let us all on a little all exclusive reveal that was set to happen at the San Diego Comic Convention the following week.

A look into the Crystal Ball

The co-producers promise was delivered as promised at the San Diego ComicCon which was held last week in the form of a promo of what is to come.

The promo is the only piece of "Rick and Morty" inside information to have surfaced and made publicly available since October 2017, with the exception of Bushworld Adventures which was released on the 1st of April, 2018.

The promo gives us all a satisfactory sneak peek into one of the many adventures of the titillating duo and has a special guest appearance by Taika Waititi, the director of "Thor: Ragnarok." Voicing the role of a nerdy pink alien, Taika is seen chilling in what seems like Morty’s room, with Jerry and Morty flustered about an app Taika helped develop. The father-son duo wants the app taken down, and Taika is seen to give no hoots about it. A frustrated Morty starts wrecking the room in hopes of destroying the app while arguing that the app server must also be destroyed, and when asked about the location of the server, Taika mentions that it is in the “mothership” and that it is coming.

Morty demands to be taken to the mothership. Jerry asks Morty to shake the alien up in hopes of getting the answer, as it seemed to be working earlier, only to have an unpromising and menacing red light beep through the alien's shirt. Worried that it could be a trigger to a detonation, Jerry and Morty take cover, only to realize that the alien is making a run for it through the window.

Morty makes haste and grabs hold of the alien in time. Jerry then investigates the beeping red light only to discover that it was another app called the “ominous beeping” app developed by the alien. Impressed by this feat, Jerry admits that one cannot be or stay mad at someone of this wit and caliber, to which Morty bluntly disagrees and says they need to be stopped.

The rollercoaster of emotions

The promo is just a slice of the sumptuous and grand cake that will grace the silver screen this November. The attendees of the Adult Swim Festival which is set to take place in November as well may get a special screening of the debut episode of the most awaited upcoming season, but that isn’t certain as of now. What is certain, however, is the jaw-dropping extravaganza that is in store for us all.