Ah, the holidays. No matter what you celebrate, or even if you don’t celebrate at all, this time of the year tends to be a favorite for getting together with loved ones. What could make it better? Perhaps the gift of "Rick and Morty" Season 4 finally gracing our television sets and computer screens. While there is no official trailer or hint of release, as Christmas draws near many fans are reminded of a theory that spawned from Season 3’s finale.

The Gift of Christmas

During the ending credit for the episode “The Rickchurian Mortydate”, we see the all too familiar Mr.

Poopybutthole and his family. Normally that could be shrugged off as an extra, or perhaps a joke, but Mr. Poopybutthole said something that got the attention of the fandom as a whole. He states that Season 4 won’t be out for a while, but when it does come out, perhaps he’ll have a Santa Claus beard.

This is particularly compelling because of Mr. Poopybutthole’s track record with hints. During the end of Season 2, he dropped the hint that Season 3 maybe around a year and a half away. While that seemed like a vague statement, Season 3 did in fact air on April 1, 2017, almost exactly a year and a half after the finale. It is also noteworthy that Season 3 just kind of showed up. There was no warning or release date in place, but the first episode of the season still aired.

This may be the situation with Season 4, in which case the vague hint would make sense.

Given the events of the past, it would not be completely unreasonable to assume that fans might be in for a Christmas special around the 25th of December.

If theories are true, it does not guarantee that there will be a stream of new Season 4 episodes after this special, however. After the air of Season 3’s first episode on April Fool’s Day 2017, additional episodes weren’t seen until later that year in July. If this is the case, at least the fandom will have had a morsel to tide the hunger for the rest of the wait.

Fingers crossed

If anything can be learned from following "Rick and Morty", as well as its interesting creators, it is that the nature of the series is unpredictable, in the best and most painful of ways. The wacky, creative adventures that we see "Rick and Morty" embarking upon during the series is not too far-fetched from the element of surprise that the show offers its fans. The wait times between seasons may not be regulated, or perhaps even too long, but most can agree that the wait is always worth it. The creators do a wonderful job of guaranteeing the quality of their work. While you enjoy time with your family this holiday season, you may be in for a surprise gift.