Wubba lubba dub1 Dub! Fans of "Rick and Morty 4" will be pleased to know the latest news and spoilers of the TV series. In the fourth season, there will be a new character, ready to enrich the already messed up plots. The particularity is that this character will be a fan of the cartoon. Through a contest, in fact, the authors will choose the winner, who will be catapulted into the surreal world of the most irreverent TV series ever.

'Rick and Morty' in TV at November on Adult Swim and Netflix

The latest "Rick and Morty 4 "spoilers announce the arrival of a new character, ready to give new life to contemporary animation maps.

Will the mad scientist and his absurd assistant be happy? The fourth season of the beloved TV series will be broadcast in November 2019 on Adult Swim. Subsequently, the episodes will also be available on the Netflix platform. In the meantime, the authors have thought of cheering up the fans with an unexpected novelty.

According to 'Ladbible', "Rick and Morty" has organized a charity contest to support autism. All the fans who participate, will have the opportunity to become a character in the TV series, next to the mad scientist and his grandson. To participate, you must donate $10 to the charity cause. The lucky winner will fly directly to Los Angeles to meet the production and define the lines of his character.

A new character

The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to visit the production studio and meet Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. In addition, he will receive a box containing the merchandise of "Rick and Morty". All the dollars for the competition will be donated to the charity NEXT for AUTISM and Bergen County's United Way.

As if that weren't enough, the winner can stay in a paid hotel. The contest will end on October 1st.

The fan who wins the contest will be included as a character in "Rick and Morty 4", remembering this incredible experience forever. Meanwhile, spoilers on the fourth season of the TV series continue to drive fans crazy, as they can't wait to see their favorite characters again.

'Rick and Morty' spoilers: expected 10 episodes and other seasons

At the moment, it seems that there are 10 episodes in the program. According to Roiland's rumors, it seems that there will be many more seasons of "Rick and Morty". In a recent interview, Roiland said, "We're excited to know what our future will be. We want the episodes to be great but we also need to shoot them quickly. In addition, Roiland has assured us that there will be no more long breaks between seasons. What are you waiting for to become a new character in "Rick and Morty 4"? Meanwhile, stay tuned for more spoilers on the TV series.