Ever since the nifty little animation on popular adult animation broadcasting network Adult Swim titled “This has no secret message,” which is basically a 15 second in-between the commercial animation, surfaced and caught the attention of the collection fandom of "Rick and Morty," things haven’t been the same.

Eager Beavers

Fanatics all across of the globe went ahead and took the liberty of decrypting the said short clip in hopes of uncovering the mysterious message, whatever it was. One bright fellow made the most convincing claim, saying that the audio, when slowed down, said something along the lines of New Episode July 4.

People eagerly waited for the date, to obvious no avail. If the "Rick and Morty" fandom isn’t the craziest fandom ever, we’re not sure what is. All this does seem like a whole fetch game, except, there’s no episode or pilot to fetch, except a massive build-up of anticipation. And what does Adult Swim and the shows co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have to offer us further? You guessed it, more anticipation. However, it isn’t even remotely as vague this time.

Just days ago, Adult Swim shared a brand new video featuring the co-creators amidst a think-tank session for an episode on the upcoming fourth season of the critically acclaimed show. This video seems to be the first actual piece of evidence that season four is actually in the works.

The team is seen discussing the plot for an episode that seems to be a continuation of sorts of the season three episode “The Rickchurian Mortydate”. The team talks about how things have changed for the worse since the first time Rick Sanchez and the President of the United States faced off against each other. Subtle hints as part of the discussion include ISIS as Werewolves, America being re-established on the moon with the name “Newmerica”, to mention a few.

Pretty convincing? We’d hope so. At least we have something solid to look forward to now.

It does seem like the team has been oh so busy with the upcoming season, or maybe they are just beginning to work on it, we’ll never know, and there is no way to tell that from the video. Will this episode even make it to the fourth season?

Or is this just an elaborate mishmash of tomfoolery just as the 15-second clip we spoke of earlier in this article? Again, there is absolutely no way to tell.

Keeping fingers crossed

Despite all the uncertainty, which is clearly the by-product of anticipation reaching a threshold in this case, the good news is that we’ll have the new season hopefully soon. We also hope we get some news on the release date in the coming months.