"Rick and Morty" got a new teaser trailer. The short clip was posted to the Rick and Morty Twitter account. From the looks of it, the graphics are way better than anything we've seen on Adult Swim before. Certainly, it looks like the new upcoming season will be epic if it is for season 4. Fans simply cannot wait for the new season but they know that the producers take their time and craft the show immaculately. The wait is always worth it for the adult anime.

New teaser for Rick and Morty

The new teaser trailer for "Rick and Morty" is just a 15-second snippet, but there's enough in it to promise a great adventure.

The teaser, which was posted late Tuesday (August 21), shows, as described by i09Gozmodo, some "badass anime aesthetics."

As usual, apart from a few action scenes, the show makers don't allow for a whole lot of guessing and spoilers about the series. "Rick and Morty" season 4 must be the most leak-proof show at the moment. The teaser shows some hectic action, almost reminiscent of the "Dragon Ball Super" footage. But, it's definitely not that predictable by the looks of it.

You can view the teaser below:

Rick and Morty season 4

For a heart-stopping moment, fans thought that the franchise would not renew for season 4.

But it was confirmed by co-creator Justin Roiland that there would be a new season. In fact, it was noted that there would be 70 episodes to come. That effectively translates to at least seven more seasons. (Factor in that the previous shows had ten episodes each).

Fans react to the new teaser trailer

Over on Twitter, fans were quick to spot the new teaser and just as quick to react.

Mostly, they want to know when the next season will start. Others are impatient and telling them to "just finish the f*cking series already." @MightyEd11 replied to @RickandMorty saying, "could you stop teasing us and let us know when the next season is coming?"

Another user pointed out that the teaser was "clearly inspired by the Thundercats opening theme." Another noted that "Morty [has become] One Punch Man." In fact, The belldozer asked something that was an obvious question - "Is that a spoiler for a part of season 4?" Others loved the 1980s sort of feel to the teaser and some hoped for a game to be made based on the graphics shown.

The bottom line is that for those who persisted in asking when the season 4 will drop, there is no answer. As usual, it's likely to be in Dan Harmon's own good time. But the main thing is that millions of "Rick and Morty" fans know the show will come back to our screens - sometime.