American animator, writer, producer, director, and actor Justin Roiland isn’t a name that is unheard of. In fact, it is more of a household name and has become prominently so after the dawn of the most popular animated television show of our time, "Rick and Morty."

Aside from the show that is undoubtedly a viral sensation, Justin Roiland has his credentials splattered all over the place.

From lending his voice to critically acclaimed shows such as Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force to name a few, and voicing games such as Pocket Mortys, Lego Dimensions, Job Simulators, and a handful of more titles, Justin has a lot he can boast about even if his garage experiment titled Doc and Mharti didn’t explode into a massive commercial success as we know it.

Like any successful writer/producer, Justin has further expanded his domain with a brand new series with him at the center of it all.

Cups and flying saucers

Justin Roiland recently announced his affiliation to a brand new animated television series titled “Solar Opposites.” He has taken up the roles of co-creator and voice actor for this series as well, aptly showcasing his ability to seamlessly multitask. It could very well be that he’ll be simultaneously working on both "Rick and Morty" and "Solar Opposites" without one of the shows being on a hiatus.

"Solar Opposites" will be an animated comedy based around the life and ongoings of a family that decides to move to the United States, more specifically, the central part of it.

This family will be unlike any other family on our blue planet, for they’ll be from another planet. The series will focus on the Alien family’s everyday adventures in America, often debating upon the contrasting features between life on earth and life back home.

The series is still in the works and broadcasting partner Hulu has already ordered two whole seasons of it.

Each season of "Solar Opposites" is said to house 16 full-length episodes, and the show is claimed to debut in the year 2020. Justin Roiland will be co-creating this show with his dear colleague from "Rick and Morty," none other than Mike McMahan. Justin is also said to voice the two primary roles in the show, namely Korvo and Terry.

Happy days with best friends

"Solar Opposites" seems like a fun watch for everyone and by the looks of it could easily be profanity-free so it may appeal to kids as well, although the target audience hasn’t been apparent yet. Despite being light-years away from now, the show sure does seem like something to definitely look forward to.