The absolutely long, yet tireless wait for everybody’s favorite animated television show, "Rick and Morty", has had its collective and loyal fandom on the edges of their seats throughout the virtual purgatory. However, this seemingly titanic wait that would require an iceberg of patience to tackle hasn’t worn the fandom down.

The sheer enthusiasm and glee that is paramount to any successful show have been constantly fuelled by the fans, reinforcing the backbone of the show, giving ample time to the show’s producers and creative crew to brew their magnificence that is "Rick and Morty".

Four is Nigh

The grand emotional rollercoaster that was season three of the show sent fans into an inter-dimensional adventure of what was easily the best season so far. Pining fans all across the globe have been expectant of a surprise season debut for the whole of last year, and the same may follow this year as well, courtesy to the season 3 surprise debut on April Fool’s day.

Confirmed sources have published the show’s revision of 70 more episodes, which guarantees its fans at least three more seasons worth of unadulterated entertainment. Some reports suggested that the shows co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have switched the gears up, wanting to make the franchise a syndicate.

The production of the upcoming season four has been underway for seven months now, with a good chunk of teasers and ad-inbetweeners.

With no official release date, nor a trailer of any sort so far, it has been confirmed that the upcoming season will air on Channel 4 along with all the predecessor seasons broadcasting on E4 the whole of February 2019.

This might very well be indicative of the fact that season 4 is nearing completion, with only finishing touches left, which will soon grace our television screens in all its absolute and unhindered glory. Praise be.

In a recent interview with Polygon, co-creator Dan Harmon spoke of his excitement about the new season and reassuring fans that the season is the best yet.

He went on to ease the largely excited and expectant fans by clearing some queries on the gaps between each season.

The team behind the show have mentioned earlier that the reason for long waits between seasons has nothing to do with rumors aplenty, but has everything to do with the team working hard and striving to deliver unadulterated entertainment that the fanbase rightfully deserves.

Harmon went on to add that the wait will not be as excruciating as the previous ones and that hiatuses will be scheduled, guaranteeing the show’s upcoming seasons to have a seamless and systematic release. In his words, he said that he is going to keep the machine going.

Bountiful wait

Fans think it wouldn’t be too bizarre to assume that the fandom will rewatch the entire three seasons during this seemingly final wait before the debut. For all those who have made it this far, we salute you.