The hit Adult Swim series "Rick and Morty"’s is not one to shy away from speculation. With the recent announcement that the series is in for at least seventy more episodes, as well as the solid release date for the fourth season, November 2019, fans are probably wondering if it could get any better.

The short answer is maybe. The show’s future has been the topic of discussion among not only its massive fanbase but also from the creators themselves.

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

Justin Roiland is not slowing down his creative efforts anytime soon, whether that be within the "Rick and Morty" universe or not.

Fans of Roiland himself may be excited to know that he has been making an effort to promote his company’s first video game release “Trover Saves the Universe.

In the process of this promotion, some fans weren’t as curious about the game as they were the future of what Roiland is best known for in recent years. In an interaction on Reddit AMA, co-producer of "Rick and Morty", Justin Roiland was posed a question by one of his fans as to if there will ever be a feature film on the show.

Roiland, in a seemingly menacing and yet reassuringly calm demeanor, phrased his reply as “I would love to do that, yeah.” followed by “Hmm’s”. The response has since been celebrated as a nod of approval by the collective fandom from the co-producer.

Whether the "Rick and Morty" movie will be made in future or is already underway is for us to speculate, but Roiland definitely did not deny the possibility of one coming to the silver screen in the years to come.

Co-producers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have been firm with their motto of delivering a well-rounded season even if it takes a while until recently, Roiland said that this wouldn’t be the case anymore.

He also claimed that the team was going to keep working on the show all year round with scheduled vacations to aid the same, greatly reducing the gap between upcoming seasons.

The sheer excitement of the fans may just have fueled the idea of an upcoming movie, which would definitely prove bountiful along with the upcoming and confirmed fourth season release date.

This may, however, take a while because there is no indication of when a movie would be made, let alone a firm ‘if.’w

A whole lotta maybe?

Once again, the curiosity of the fanbase has been peaked but is not likely to be put to rest anytime soon judging from the track record of the series co-founders, despite their claims to make long waits a thing of the past. After one wait ends, another begins. This time, however, we are not completely sure if this wait will ever come to a positive conclusion (a film being made). In the meantime, fans can rejoice to know that new episodes of the hit series are only months away.