When thinking of franchises with strong cult followings,Rick and Morty is one of the first to come to mind. The hit show has so far spanned three seasons during its Adult Swim run and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

The series, as most of you know, was renewed for seventy more episodes earlier this year. This leaves a lot of adventures to be added to the already iconic scenes of the series.

With the sheer magnitude of following the series has gained, it’s not surprising that many fans wish to express their love of the show through different means.

One of those many forms is artwork.

Art Imitates Life

One artist tackled “Rick and Morty” using a three-dimensional approach. Wil Hughes is an artist, illustrator, and animator from the United Kingdom. Hughes brought back some familiar characters using a whole new look. Some could interpret his art as almost being eerily life-like.

1: Mister Meeseeks

Starting off with a fan-favorite character from season one, we see the painfully happy appearing Mister Meeseeks. The realistic style of Hughes’ artwork serves to bring out the conflicting emotion in Meeseeks.

His smile seems almost forced, which only becomes eerier when compared to his tense, wrinkled forehead and empty eyes. In this style, it’s hard to not look at him.

2: King Jelly Bean

King Jelly Bean was already an objectively disturbing character considering his actions towards Morty in the episode “Meeseeks and Destroy,” so seeing him in three-dimensions is nothing short of horrifying.

It’s not hard to imagine this figure in the bathroom scene, but definitely unpleasant. A grimy depiction of an undeniably grimy character.

3: Scary Terry

Everyone’s favorite “legally safe”, insecure knock-off horror character is rendered by Hughes’ here. Terry, the loving husband, and caring father, always seemed concerned with how scary he actually was.

Despite the cartoonish undertone to this work, the detail of the eyes and chin are almost grotesque in nature.

Terry himself would be satisfied with the results, appearing a bit more threatening than he did in season one.

4: Plumbus

The humorful “all-purpose” home device is eerily, almost grotesquely detailed in Hughes’ adaptation of the character.

According to the universe that Plumbus came from, this would be a common sight in homes and offices. When Stealy stole this supposedly common device, its hard, but not surprising to imagine him stealing something as disturbing as this.

5: Morty

Hughes’ rendering of Morty is simultaneously realistic and out of this world. Hughes’ skilled hand adds realistic details to components such as his hair and skin, while also making his eyes and overall face seem alien.

Despite the terrifying, almost inhuman aura that surrounds Morty here, Hughes’ managed to capture the perpetually worried look that Morty maintains most of the show.

6: Rick

Hughes’ depiction of Rick is similar to Morty’s, balancing in-human qualities with life-like detail. Everything from the greasy shine on his forehead, to the non-cholent stare in his eyes, embodies what Rick is as a character.

The detail on the hair probably best reflects what Rick’s hairstyle would look like in real life, the unkempt mess of a busy genius.

7: Cromulon

Hughes made the invasion of the cromulons all the more threatening with this piece of art. The entertainment loving species is brought to life with almost human-like skin and details.

We can see the floating head form in the middle of a deep scowl. Given this expression, it’s not hard to picture an ultra-realistic version of Cromulon saying: “Not Cool”.

This realistic depiction of the giant head-like creature would be absolutely terrifying to see in the sky.

8: 5th Dimension Testicle Monster

A life-form encountered in the episode “Ricksy Business”, the Testicle Monster is a strange creature. With a habit of seeing humans as objects of pleasure, along with some questionable sexual acts, seeing this monster in three-dimensions wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing for everyone. Hughes’, as always, brings the perfect amount of impact and detail to this interesting creature.

9: Mr. Poopybutthole

Mr. Poopybutthole is probably one of the most high-energy, friendly characters on the show, appearing in many teasers far after his introductory episode occurred.

The family-friend of Smith’s is a dependable, helpful guy. So helpful and friendly, Beth couldn’t believe it. This rendering of the well-known character does him justice, providing a realistic version of his friendly, zany smile. Despite the slightly unsettling atmosphere.

10 Noob-Noob

Resembling Mr. Poopybutthole in a lot of ways, except for looking slightly deranged, Noob-Noob is one of the many side characters who instantly became a fan favorite.

His first and only appearance in season 3 episode "Vindicators 3: Return of the Worldender" has left a gaping hole in the hearts of every fan, and fans would be delighted to see more of him. Hughes, just like any render, has done absolute justice to this.

11 Pickle Rick

This iconic Pickle needs no introduction. Easily one of Rick Sanchez’s most brutal forms, Pickle Rick is a show stealer. Hughes’ rendition of this badass looks way more realistic that we could have ever imagined.

Not Vice-Versa

Seeing the Hughes’ realistic depiction of our favorite characters almost makes it sad they aren’t real. The type of art style that Hughes uses to render “Rick and Morty” characters, along with various others, is truly a treat for the eye.

With the promise of new seasons and episodes on the horizon, it would be a delight to see Hughes’ add to his portfolio of “Rick and Morty” characters in the future.

No matter what the talented artist chooses to create, from this series or another, we know that it will be a sight to behold.