Adult Swim’s science fiction hit, "Rick and Morty," has reached a high level of popularity due to its quirky characters and outlandish situations. What if there is more to this series than just its trademark dark comedy though? That is what many fans have been asking, many forming their own theories as to what small details in the show could mean for the characters or the future of the series. One of the latest, and possibly more morbid, theories that have emerged involves a relation to an item seen various times throughout the show and an infamous tale that emerged from users on the internet.

Existence is pain

Some of "Rick and Morty"’s viewers noticed a strange, helmet-like contraption appearing in Rick’s workshop. Strange gadgets are nothing new for the series, but the helmet’s first appearance occurred in Season 1 Episode 2 “Lawnmower Dog”, and its recurrence in the series has not ceased yet.

The helmet appears as a kitchen strainer with multiple red cylinders protruding from the side of its surface. Some internet users, this resembled an item in a tale that has been circulated around platforms such as Reddit.

The tale, true or not, involves a young man’s construction of a suicide helmet. The helmet was created using a red helmet in which the boy had attached eight shotgun shells too, rigging them to all blow at once.

This helmet is supposedly around 40 years of age and was discovered by the original poster’s brother-in-law while he shadowed a coroner.

This makeshift contraption had been called a feat of design by the story’s original poster. Outside of the device’s resemblance to the internet oddity, the intention of the helmet would not be far-fetched considering the character design of Rick Sanchez.

It isn’t unnatural to imagine why this nifty contraption of death would be casually laying around on Rick Sanchez’s desk. Heck, the whole of Jerry’s garage, aka Rick’s lair is full of lethal surprises only Rick himself is aware of, and literally, no one from the Smith-Sanchez family bothers to fiddle with Rick’s stuff, other than Morty.

Morty is more of the curious kind as opposed to someone like Dee Dee from Dexters Laboratory who would not think twice or hesitate before pressing the obvious red button that should not be pressed.

Death Cap for Cutie

All this speculation aside, one cannot be fully sure if the helmet is designed to take Rick’s life. It could serve absolutely any other purpose than that or even no purpose at all. The only thing that's certain is that it is a repetitive element in the show, and hence has become an object of discussion.