The third season of "Rick and Morty" is undoubtedly the most celebrated of the lot. The season came with a plethora of in-depth plot revelations and massive character developments, never before seen story tangents, while gradually unveiling a strong sense of tension amidst fans in the most masterful way we’ve seen happen in the adult animation television show industry so far.

The fans have been perpetually left with anticipation in their eyes and hearts, something that would be closely compared to the one in a toddler’s eyes the moment they hear the unwrapping of a candy.

Some of the most iconic episodes of the third season revolve around throwing limelight on the chosen characters traits and showcasing their struggle to overcome their own personal battles. Amidst the good lot of the work of art that is season three, the one that shone the brightest in the eyes of the collective fandom has got to be Pickle Rick.

Not all Pickles wear Capes

Being the third episode in season three, Pickle Rick, written by Jessica Gao, is wholesome in so many ways that it got nominated for the Emmy’s. This largely celebrated episode revolves around Rick Sanchez turning himself into a pickle just to avoid family counseling.

His plan to use a serum to turn back to normal goes down the drain when Beth takes the serum away as a way to get back at Rick for willingly avoiding counseling.

The episode gained more fame as it featured the infamous Danny Trejo as Jaguar.

The episode is an absolute gruesome meat fest, one that leaves the fan wanting more, but as most "Rick and Morty" episodes go, it is more than meets the eye.

Every episode has a nifty little post-credits scene and this episode introduced Concierto, a maniacal clown who plans on killing Rick and his grandson using piano hammers while playing a symphony, calling the grand execution the “B Splat”.

This very scene, after a whole year, has come under the eyes of the Reddit community as one of the users went on to relate this scene as an easter egg, pointing towards its reference taken from the 1998 animated television show “Batman: The New Animated Adventures”.

The aforementioned scene is identical to the one in the episode “Legends of the Dark Knight”, where "Rick and Morty" being Batman and Robin, Concierto being none other than the Joker himself, face similar consequences and an identical way of execution.

This episode of Batman, in turn, seems to have drawn inspiration from the live action television show of Batman by Adam West, the episode being “The Dead Ringers” from 1966. Every ardent nerdy fan lives for juicy facts such as these.

To the B-Splatmobile!

It is only obvious that co-creator Justin Roiland would go to the depths of history in order to recreate a scene, him being a huge fan of Batman. Let’s face it, who isn’t a fan of the dark knight of Gotham City.

"Rick and Morty" takes pride in quoting pop culture in a satirical manner, and have done so countless times in their previous seasons. If you did go back and rewatch, you’d definitely have new things to catch on to. "Rick and Morty" keeps you coming back for more.