As many dedicated “Rick and Morty” fans know, Justin Roiland plays a more significant role in the franchise other than co-creator. Roiland lends his voice-acting talents to the show’s namesake stars, as well as various other characters that appear throughout the series.

Rick and Morty” isn’t the only series that Roiland has lent his voice to, however. Along with some live-action stints, Roiland has made many animated characters come to life. He voiced the beloved, fan-favorite Earl of Lemongrab in the former hit series “Adventure Time”, also lending his voice to various other side characters in the series.

Other shows listed on his resume include titles such as “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, “Gravity Falls”, and “Robot Chicken”. This description barely scratches the surface of Roiland’s career. How does he do it?

Tips for success

Ever wanted to be a cool, hot-shot voice actor like Justin Roiland? According to the man himself, now you can be. In a video uploaded to Adult Swim’s channel on the fifth of September.

Roiland lists five tips for voice acting success.

Tip 1: Soothe your Throat. If you want to make your way in the voice-over industry like Roiland has, better take care of your body’s most important instrument, the throat. Green tea is a well-known remedy to a sore throat, but be careful. He recommends giving the tea a good blow first.

Tip 2: Stretch Your Mouth. It’s important to take the time to make sure your lips are nice, primed, and limber to do this very important line of work. This step is very important, but not too important. Feel free to check those texts, Roiland emphasizes.

Tip 3: Enter the Mind of Your Character. To voice the character you’re tasked with, you’ll need to feel like you know how they work.

This includes thinking about their motivations and relationships held within their world. Roiland recommends staring at a print-out of character for this step while trying to not think about the amount of dead tree you’re holding.

Tip 4: Loosen Up. In the line of voice-acting, along with many other facets of life, being relaxed is important.

You can’t do your best work when you’re tense. There are many methods you could take for relaxation. Roiland himself, however, recommends petting a pup. They could come in handy as a nice weighted-blanket for your nap later.

Tip 5: Have a Sip of Hennessy. Sometimes before going into the studio, you need a little something extra. Roiland recommends some Hennessy, though amounts may vary.

After carefully following Roiland’s tips to success, you’re ready to test out your new abilities in the voice-over booth. He says if you follow his tips, you’ll “shoot right like a rocket, to the top of the stars.”

A Galactic Fandom

These tips are obviously not meant to be taken seriously, but Roiland’s new video doesn’t disappoint.

He, like most of the “Rick and Morty” crew, never fail to create new and fun things for their fans. Whether that be the series itself, or small, pleasant shorts such as these.

A crew and cast like this add all the more joy to be a part of this vast fandom. We’re looking forward to seeing what Roiland puts out next. Tips or not.