Present day entertainment is like no other, with the plethora of choices with shows, their genres, and the medium they are broadcasting on. All thanks to the internet, an affordable subscription fee and you have primetime knocking at your door.

As we have entered this modern era of entertainment and have been sailing in its predecessor for close to two decades now, the tide does get mighty tough with time with even the best and the most critically acclaimed shows, even everyone's favorite animated television show "Rick and Morty".

Word has it that world renown popular media broadcaster Netflix which caters every happening series and documentary known to mankind has publicly announced just hours ago that it is scraping the titillating duo off of its list.

Then and Now

"Rick and Morty" has been available to the general public ever since its improved and actualized inception in 2013. More of an underground show, in the beginning, the first two seasons of the show were aired on FOX Tv.

The end of the sophomore season marked a new era for the whole franchise as more fans started to get into the bandwagon, making the show well-known and throwing it into the must-watch category, further skyrocketing its fan base.

Despite Netflix being a major player in the entertainment and media scene since 1997, it only took interest in "Rick and Morty" starting the third season, when the show was already massively popular.

This addition did benefit the show by making it more accessible to the general public and gaining more fans by Comedy Central adding it to its roster as well, but the show would have done handsomely even without this ever happening.

The sudden and unexplained nature of scraping a show off means no harm to the show itself, as it has more than creating an image for itself.

In fact, it is safe to say that there are revered broadcasting networks out there who have been eagerly awaiting such an opportunity.

Although there seems to be no official statement from the show’s co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, it has been brought to the notice of the public that the sophomore seasons of the show will be taken down from Netflix this week and will be unavailable for viewers in the UK.

Reports from the Daily Express indicate the reason to be non-payment on Netflix UK’s behalf to Adult Swim for continuing to stream the show, as on October 6, 2018.

The Future

With "Rick and Morty" renewed for 70 episodes, the show is going nowhere and this news should be of little to no concern to the fans. We do, however, believe and really hope Netflix pays up and has Adult Swim’s approval to stream the show again.