Aw geez, aw man! We’ve been waiting on Season 4 of Ricky and Morty for what seems like forever. The last season ended on October 2017 and fans have been impatient for the premiere of new episodes. Still, to this day there is no release date that has been set. All fans have left to do is reminisce on past episodes and remember why they are waiting 2 years for more of the iconic content.

Thanks to Adult Swim for the show’s renewal of 70 episodes, we can only assume the Rick and Morty team has been working hard. Justin gave us a little bit of hope on March 16 with this tweet.

All I have to say is that it will be preeeetty great once we get some information on when the show will air.

Merchandise to ease the pain

The creators of the show, Justin Roiland, and Dan Harmon, haven’t been taking a vacation. The writers started working on the new episodes in June 2018. To keep fans at bay, Black Milk has come out with a Rick and Morty clothing line that was made available on February 19. The line features swimsuits, casual dresses, bomber jackets, crop tops and more.

More recently, Roiland and Harmon announced Rick and Morty crates. Partnering with LootCrate, fans can now order a box that includes a bunch of fandom merchandise that gets “drop kicked through a portal to your door” three times a year.

The first crates are set to ship out July of this year.

What to expect from Season 4

The ending of Season 3 left things feeling surprisingly normal. The episode, 'The Rickchurian Mortydate,' ended with the Smith family sitting at the dinner table all laughing at Rick. Compared to earlier season endings, which consisted of cliff-hangers, this leaves Season 4 completely open to all types of shenanigans.

Rumor has it that the Rick and Morty team "finale-fied" last season. The reason for this was only being able to include 10 episodes instead of 14, as they had planned. So who knows what those long lost episodes contained.

Many fans have been asking the golden question: What's the plot for Season 4? Although nothing has been made official, there have been discussions of Evil Morty's return, and an Interdimensional Cable 3.

The caption is the clue here.

A premise for possible improvement

The best news is that from now on, fans won’t have to wait near as long for new episodes to come out. Due to the decision made by the network, there will be a better sense of production and flow so that there won’t be as much of a gap between seasons. Roiland has confirmed that an important task on the team’s to-do list is releasing episodes in a more timely manner.