The grand finale vote on “America's Got Talent” traditionally becomes predictable, based on the public's tally and the reception from the judges. The September 18 reveal of the Season 14 calculations, however, was unique. Every act among top 10 finalists had a personal story and powerhouse talent to be worthy of the life-changing title. As Simon Cowell and the other judges reminded us, the entire season has been a moving, living, and breathing message of inspiration. Only America could choose one performer who inspired most, and they did.

Let the celebration mashups begin

The “America's Got Talent” finale is meant to celebrate each individual act and the entire season, and when the Ndlovu Youth Choir took the stage for “Higher Love,” the joy quotient was already raised to 11. When the boundless energy of the Detroit Youth Choir joined the ensemble to create a joyous eruption, the impact was palpable. Macklemore and Kygo seemed like background artists compared to the exuberant youth surrounding them for “Can't Hold Us," and neither music superstar seemed offended. There could not have been a more appropriate start to the night.

Violin prodigy and cancer overcomer, Tyler Butler Figueroa, got to play right beside Brian King Joseph, who has to be his hero, as the string masters accompanied the routine of Light Balance Kids.

The violinists offered a bubbly “My Favorite Things,” and it wasn't revealed until after the performance ended that Paula Abdul was a guest dancer with the kids for the night. Simon gave enthusiastic applause to his longtime “American Idol” partner and all the other participants.

Any time 11-year-old Emanne Beasha takes the stage, magic happens.

For the angelic opera singer’s finale moment, she teamed with Chinese concert pianist, Lang Lang, and the partnerships sparkled from first note to last. It seemed like only the beginning of what awaits this incredibly talented girl, who has such a giving spirit to match. She embraced Lang Lang tenderly after finishing the performance, and now audiences from around the world will be ready and waiting to embrace her.

The bighearted and irrepressible comedian, Ryan Niemiller, had fun tackling one of his idols, Canadian wrestler Chris Jericho, from behind and played along with several comedic jabs at himself.

Benicio Bryant won't be waiting around after his “America's Got Talent” stint. The teen singer-songwriter will likely be fielding offers from around the globe, and he certainly showed off his international flair, singing in Spanish with Ozuna on the dance shaker, “Baila Baila Baila” meshed with “Taki Taki.” Talent is all over this young artist, and his songs will carry him to stardom. Hits translate in any language.

Judge Julianne Hough did the singing on her new song, “Transform,” while the members of V.

Unbeatable literally reached for the stars. She should stick to her first passion, dance. It made her a champion. The future for the dance troupe will take them to places they never imagined.

Perhaps the most moving of the stellar mashups was between Voices of Service and Billy Ray Cyrus, singing his own composition, “Some Gave All.” The song has been widely performed and covered, but never with more feeling or true authenticity. The audience felt it and responded with a lengthy ovation of respect.

Cher remains the ultimate showstopper, and the iconic and ageless superstar stormed the performance with “Waterloo,” with complete “Mamma Mia” gusto. She is about to embark on her Here We Go Again Tour, and the AGT stage this perfect for a warm-up.

For his last “America's Got Talent” performance as a contestant, Kodi Lee shared the stage with “X-Factor” 2006 winner Leona Lewis for a duet of Callum Scott’s “You Are The Reason.” The moment was definitely a case of saving the very best for last. Voices and souls blended, and Lewis described Lee as “pure love that lights, and he just shines” to Entertainment Tonight.

All winners, one champion

After the flood of unforgettable performances, the last half-hour of “America's Got Talent” for Season 14 arrived, and pairs of performers were brought forward for the results.

Voices of Service was the fifth place finalist, with Benicio Bryant departing the stage with hugs, and welcoming a new life. V Unbeatable was fourth place finalist, as Ndlovu Youth Choir left to shine around the world with their voices.

Ryan Niemiller was the third-place finalist, receiving another sweet embrace from Emanne Beasha.

The Detroit Youth Choir were second-place finalists, sharing a giant group hug with Tyler Butler Figueroa.

Kodi Lee took his top vote over Light Balance Kids, and the last decision of the night brought the blind, autistic, and beautiful performer to the stage with the endlessly gifted, hopeful, and inspiring talents of the Detroit Youth Choir. Kodi Lee celebrated this coronation alongside his mother and his congratulating competitors. He is a performer whom no one can forget, and this “America's Got Talent” stage is blessed to have brought him to the world.