Geoffrey Paschel has been heavily criticized online in the past few days because of his past. But this week, "90 Day Fiancé" fans finally sided with him for the first time. The "90 Day Fiancé" star posted a screenshot of a message he got from an Instagram follower. In the image, Paschel’s followers can read how she asked him if he caused the death of any young person lately.

The question may seem weird for anyone who does not know Paschel’s story on the show. But anyone who watched the latest episodes of "Before the 90 Days" would get the reference to the death of his son, Kazhem.

Reports say that Kazhem passed away unexpectedly in March 2018. He was brought into the hospital the previous month after experiencing seizures. He stayed there until he was eventually pronounced dead after weeks.

Paschel criticized the sender of the message, telling her that she is contributing more hate into the world. He also opened up how negative comments like the one he received makes it even more difficult for him to deal with his grief. According to him, he still feels regret over what happened to his son.

Allegations of abusive behavior haunt Geoffrey Paschel

After "90 Day Fiancé" announced the cast for the fourth season of the Before the 90 Days spinoff, details about Geoffrey Paschel surfaced.

A lot of the show’s fans were alarmed at some of the information that got published about him. The alleged abusive behavior is said to be particularly targeted towards women he used to be in a relationship with. One such incident involved an ex-girlfriend, who said that he physically assaulted her.

The alleged assault supposedly happened in June 2019 in their home.

According to the ex-girlfriend, Paschel threw her body into the wall, even banging her head into the surface a few times. This gave her multiple wounds and bruises, which prevented her from leaving.

She had to escape later because she could not contact 911 to come to pick her up. He allegedly disconnected the phone in the house to prevent her from doing so.

When the allegations were brought to light, Paschel immediately denied it. He said that the ex-girlfriend only wants to be a distraction so he will lose a custody case against an ex-wife.

Fans of '90 Day Fiancé' circulate petition to oust Paschel from show

Because of the allegations, a lot of fans have realized that they do not want the reality show personality to be part of their favorite show. Because of this, they published a petition to pressure TLC to drop him from the cast. The petition, uploaded on the website, demanded TLC to remove him from the show. The petition writers also urged the network to ban the reality show personality from any future shows in the franchise and the channel. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance" updates.