The fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" premiered last February. Since then, fans have become familiar with the couples featured on the show. Viewers have warmed up to most of the couples, and many fans hope that majority of the relationships on the show work out for the best. However, for one couple, viewers have begun doubting if they are suited for each other. Meanwhile, the latest trailer of the episode shows Big Ed visiting Rose's house and showed his displeasure over its condition.

Big Ed's visit to the Philippines

The American reality star, Big Ed, flew to the Philippines to meet with his girlfriend, Rosemarie.

The couple had connected on Facebook and had dated for a while before meeting in person. Big Ed was instantly a fan favorite after charming viewers with his warm personality. The 54-year-old was dating, for the first time after being single for several years, and fans were rooting for him.

However, the last few episodes have left fans reconsidering their approval for Big Ed. After meeting Rosemarie in person, the San Diego resident asked his girlfriend to take an STD test. Big Ed told his 23-year-old girlfriend that he did not trust her and wanted her to prove her loyalty to him. Rosemarie was offended by Big Ed’s request but was willing to take the test if he also agreed to take it. Her boyfriend declined her request, saying that he would only get a test after he returned to the United States.

Big Ed said he did not trust the health facilities in the Philippines.

Rosemarie and Big Ed's relationship on '90 Day Fiance'

Big Ed’s remarks only made Rosemarie angrier. In last Sunday’s episode of "90 Day Fiance," the couple appeared to have made up after their argument. However, Big Ed’s attempts to apologize to Rosemarie led to fans questioning his true intentions with Rosemarie.

The 23-year-old Filipino was in her lingerie when Big Ed offered to give her a foot massage. Rosemarie reluctantly agreed, and things only got creepier from that point. Big Ed asked her what the Philippine word for kiss was. After she told him, the 54-year-old asked Rosemarie if he could kiss her. His girlfriend looked uncomfortable and did not respond.

Fans cringed at the awkward moment; with many worried that Big Ed was only in the relationship for sexual gratification.

The "90 Day Fiance's" couple huge age difference has fans worried that Big Ed could be taking advantage of Rosemarie. The American reality star is old enough to be his girlfriend’s dad, and he has a daughter older than Rosemarie. While fans do not fault Rosemarie for attempting to secure a good future for her four-year-old son, many viewers fear that Big Ed’s behavior will only get worse if the two get married and move to the United States.