The fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" is nearing its conclusion, but the fate of some couples is still unclear. However, for Lisa Hamme and her boyfriend Usman, their time on the show could prove to be a success. Despite their frequent wrangles, the couple has maintained that they are willing to tie the knot. In last Sunday’s episode, the couple almost fulfilled their desire when they arranged a courthouse wedding. However, the wedding fell through after Lisa failed to provide her divorce papers so that the ceremony could kick-off.

Despite the setback, Lisa recently revealed that she eventually got married to Usman.

Lisa and Usman of '90 Day Fiance' are married

In a recent Instagram post, Lisa posted a lovely picture of her hand holding Usman’s hand. The two were wearing wedding rings on their fingers, and Lisa captioned the picture by writing the words, “New Beginning.” It is now obvious that the couple will successfully get married in the remaining episodes of the show. Fans congratulated Lisa and wished her well as she embarks on her new life with Usman. However, viewers of the show have not always supported Lisa in her relationship with the Nigerian reality star.

Fans not happy with Lisa

Most fans have expressed their dismay at Lisa’s assertive attitude in her relationship with Usman.

The American reality star has often bullied her boyfriend during their disagreements, and many viewers feel that she is a toxic feminist. Lisa has also clashed with Usman over his music career. The 54-year-old has not shied away from treating Usman’s female admirers with contempt any time they attempt to get close to the Nigerian music star.

However, Usman has also received criticism from some fans since they feel that the 30-year-old is only using Lisa to secure a green card and move to the United States to further his music career.

Although "90 Day Fiance" stars Lisa and Usman successfully tied the knot this season, it is likely that the couple will still clash due to their combustive personalities.

Rumors have circulated that the couple could get into an intense argument during this season’s "Tell All" episodes, reports InTouch Weekly. Usman has always tried to be the alpha in their relationship, but Lisa has insisted that they should have equal say in their marriage. Their struggle for control will make the next few episodes worth watching. However, what fans will look forward to most is how their marriage ceremony will play out. Lisa has already met with Usman’s family, and the ceremony could be a cultural learning curve for her as well as the viewers as they get an inside look at wedding ceremonies in Nigeria. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."