"90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" final Tell-All segment aired on Monday night. Leaks and spoilers already suggested an explosive scene involving Angela and Avery. But, only once the show aired, did everyone realize the inclusion of Darcey's ex, Jesse Meester triggered the confrontation. Avery and Tim both wondered why he even came on the show, and they questioned his presence. After all, Darcey moved on with Tom and Jesse's season on the show ended some time back. After the show, Rebecca Parrot posted on Instagram and noted we never saw the full altercation with Angela.

In fact, she went further and asked fans not to glorify that sort of behavior.

The 'Tell-All' altercation between Angela and Avery got quite ugly

While spoilers suggested that Angela attacked Avery, it seems that never happened. At least, not a physical attack. But a lot of bad language and posturing went down. At one stage, yelling and swearing, Angela got right up in Rebecca Parrots' face, with threating body language and all. That came after Rebecca asked her to stop speaking so badly to Avery who expressed her opinion about Jesse being present. It also came after Angela bawled out the whole cast. Finally, the security came in and took her out back for a cigarette.

Meanwhile. Avery's mom got really angry about the way the elderly "90 Day Fiance" star spoke to her daughter.

Host, Shawn Robinson cleared the room of Tom, Darcey, and Stacy who she spoke to while all of this went on backstage. Shocked, they eventually got everyone back in to find out what happened. Well, Ben got asked on his take and he said they started off okay. But Jesse and Tim mainly started getting in each other's faces. Then Angela came in like a"wrecking ball" and just stomped "right into the middle of the room, going "F-You and F-You." The whole story came out about Angela being so aggressive.

Rebecca Parrot noted that we never saw the entire altercation in the '90 Day Fiance' Tell-All

On her Instagram, Rebecca shared a card that said, "Avery's statements are absolutely true." Plus, she asked people not to "glorify" that behavior by Angela. Obviously, many fans of "90 Day Fiance" found something to say. One of them said, "she was literally directly in your face.

I was so afraid for you. Thank you for being so brave and protecting Avery. She should not be allowed on the show. They glorify her abuse of Michael and others. It makes me ill I’m so glad you are safe."

Another fan noted, "She’s definitely not a true southern woman with morals! She’s very trashy and should have been IMMEDIATELY escorted out of the building! Very trashy! Avery is a sweet girl and God bless you for remaining classy! I’m sure it took all you had to not knock her *ss out! She really needs help she’s a very angry and bitter person!"

Many more similar comments came in and few, if any of them, were in support of Angela and her ugly altercation. And, bear in mind, according to Rebecca Parrot, we only saw a portion it all.

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