The final season of "Game of Thrones" aired on HBO in 2019. General reception to it was, to put it very mildly, not great. Various issues with the concluding season have continued to be a source of ire for loyal fans.

Over the years, the series featured a notably large regular cast, in no small part because of the show's famously high body count. The turnover of cast members was almost legendary. One long-time member who didn't make it to the end was Charles Dance. But, Dance apparently remained a loyal viewer of the series. Like many others, he has strong opinions about how it ended.

Wants a do-over of the last season

In a recent interview with, Charles Dance addressed the final "Game of Thrones" season. And he was not impressed by it. He deemed it unsatisfying, disappointing and underwhelming.

Fan unhappiness has been such that there's strong sentiment for there to be an alternate version of the ending. A petition started has developed a huge following. Dance apparently hadn't heard of the petition at the time of the interview. When it was brought up, he said he would sign it, as reported by Yahoo.

While Dance wasn't one of them, there were actually several long-time regulars to at least make the last season. And many of them have indicated to some degree or another their own disappointment in the season.

That includes Dance's on-screen children Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Lena Headey. Others include Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Gwendoline Christie, Conleth Hill and Kristofer Hivju.

Cast members who'd already departed before the final chapter have been less restrained in their criticism, including Dance.

There's also Natalia Tena, who said it didn't make sense. She added that it seemed like it was written by different people than in the preceding seasons. Jason Momoa posted a profanity-laced unhappy reaction online.

The reasons for such unhappiness are numerous. Among them are the changes made to heroin and hero Daenerys and Jon.

Both individually and as a pair. As is that Westeros is ultimately ruled by somebody who seemed to do very little to get such power. And that many elements of the lead-up season were ignored, even downright contradicted. Such as the abrupt abandonment of the notion that "the pack" must stay together.

Charles Dance has been acting regularly since the early 1970s

Dance's acting career has spanned across film, television and the theater. His roles included ones in "The Jewel in the Crown" and "Gosford Park". In 2006, he became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. It is "Game of Thrones" that he's probably best known for. He played Tywin Lannister, the patriarch of powerful House Lannister.

After his time on "Thrones", he had a recurring role on "The Crown". He's also appeared in a number of movies. Including the 2016 version of "Ghostbusters" and "Godzilla: King of the Monsters".