This season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has a chance to repeat his accomplishment with the New England Patriots in 2003 to 2004, which is to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles. In his first year in Tampa Bay, the 44-year-old Brady led the Buccaneers to their first Super Bowl title since 2002 via a 31-9 triumph over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. The Buccaneers have signed all of their 22 starters from last season’s Super Bowl-winning squad, making them a favorite to repeat this season. Still, there are worries that complacency might hit the team, thus derailing their attempt to make history anew.

But Brady, during an interview with Peter King of NBC Sports, said that while football is the ultimate blame game, his team could succeed this season as all of them believe that they got to get better.

Brady says he’s lucky to pick the Buccaneers

“Football’s the ultimate blame game,” Brady said, adding that it would be easy for general managers, head coaches, players, quarterbacks, receivers, defense, and offense to blame someone else. Luckily for Brady, he said he picked a team where everybody’s like, “Hey, we gotta get better.” “If you’re doing what you love doing and you’re with people you love doing it with, it’s all good,” said Brady, adding that he loves working with his coaches and teammates in Tampa Bay.

Brady clarified that his statement that it had nothing to do with his 20-year stint with the Patriots. “This is nothing about New England. I love New England. I love the players. I love the coaches. It was magical,” he insisted, referring to the six Super Bowl rings that he won in New England. As for his 22-year NFL career, Brady said he’s fortunate to do something he loves and get to do it a long time.

“If you just find what you love, you’re gonna love it every day,” said Brady.

Devin White lands 28th on NFL’s 100 top list

According to Carmen Vitali of, Buccaneers inside linebacker Devin White made his NFL Top 100 debut at No. 28 as he headed to his third NFL season. The fifth overall pick by the Buccaneers in the 2019 NFL Draft, White has emerged as one of the league's best inside linebackers.

White tallied 140 combined tackles and 9.0 sacks in the regular season, the most by any inside linebacker in the NFL last season. Aside from White, six other Buccaneers have landed on the list, with offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs at No. 89, edge rusher Shaq Barrett at No. 88, wide receiver Chris Godwin at No. 81, edge rusher Jason Pierre-Paul at No. 59, wide receiver Mike Evans at No. 48 and linebacker Lavonte David (No. 43). The top 10 will be revealed next Sunday where Brady could be part of. Last season, Brady threw a total of 50 touchdown passes and ran for four more touchdowns in the regular season and the postseason.