Nebraska Cornhuskers are close to signing another bright star after Javion Hunt said that he was considering joining the team next year. The team is part of the top eight choices he announced on Sunday. The Cornhuskers were among the first football programs to make an offer to Hunt. It remains to be seen if the persistence and constant communication from the team will bear fruit.

If Javion Hunt ends up with the Nebraska Huskers, it will reinforce the team’s image as a strong recruiter in the state of Oklahoma. Head coach Scott Frost has a good track record in the state ever since he led the coaching team.

The Huskers was able to rope in talents like running back Sevion Morrison and wide receiver Demariyon Houston in the past two years.

What to expect from Javion Hunt

The National Signing Day may be months away but Javion Hunt already looks like a top priority for many teams. Hunt is the no. 21 running back and no. 5 Oklahoma-based recruit in the 2021 class. Nationally, he ranks no. 373 for next year’s signing season. He also has the opportunity to settle for the safety position as he has the height and frame for it. While he is getting more attention for the running back position, he is also being courted for his safety potential.

So far, the Oklahoma City resident has received a total of 15 offers.

Most of his top eight options came from football programs that have extended early offers to him. Of the top eight, it looks like Nebraska’s top competitions are the Iowa State Cyclones and the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Nebraska Cornhuskers also place in top six choices of Chauncey Magwood

Apart from Javion Hunt, the Nebraska Cornhuskers also made a good impression on Chauncey Magwood.

The Huskers are part of the top six options the wide receiver announced on Monday. The Lincoln-based program, however, has tough competition for Magwood’s heart. The Arkansas Razorbacks, Kentucky Wildcats, and the Florida State Seminoles are among his favorites. Chauncey Magwood could prove to be a valuable player in Nebraska.

He is known for his explosive power and speed, possibly boosting the team’s receiver corps.

ESPN on a potential Nebraska Huskers comeback

Sports website ESPN recently published an article talking about the prospects of the Texas Longhorns and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. According to the article, both the Huskers and the Longhorns already have what it takes to mount a comeback in the college football scene. The article said that it is crucial for Nebraska’s redshirt players to come out of their shells. The team also has to maintain the improved pass defense and boost its offensive play. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Nebraska Huskers.