One of the most compelling aspects of “America's Got Talent” is the competition’s aim to present acts that would never be seen on any other talent TV stage. Participants have equal time to prove their worth, and Season 14 has been no exception. Beyond removing the barriers of age and definition of talent, the judges on "AGT" gravitate to performers with a genuine purpose about paving a whole new career track. The September 11 second vote to the finals embodied the very best of the competitors’ uniqueness and superb gifts. The final minutes held joy, surprise, and goodwill seldom seen in prime time hours, much less in broadcast competitions.

Light and spark

The 2017 “Britain's Got Talent” champion, Tokio Myers, teamed with Police founding drummer, Stewart Copeland, for a dynamic opening to the evening. Myers is a mesmerizing stage artist, as well as musical talent. Combined with Copeland's power, his energy surged from the stage. As fate would have it, the artists chose Capital Cities’ “Safe And Sound” as their selection. Very soon, three acts would be yearning for that welcome assurance.

Coming straight off from that emotional high note, Terry Crews announced the three performers in fourth, fifth, and sixth place who would await the saving vote tabulations. Light artist, Alex Dowis, opera prodigy, Emanne Beasha, and comedian, Ryan Niemiller were called.

Howie Mandel conceded that he never expected at least two of the three to ever be in the position of needing a save. In fact, he considered them contenders to win “America's Got Talent.”

Safety in numbers

The acrobatic dance troupe, V. Unbeatable, singer-songwriter Chris Klafford, and Australian magician, Dom Chambers, were summoned next for the first vote results.

While it was surprising to see these contestants going for the same vote, V. Unbeatable have been captivating the judges and the audience all season with their leaps, tosses, and dance choreography all-in-one. The group was chosen as the first “America's Got Talent” finalist act of the night, and the entire group received the life-changing news with utter jubilation.

Gabrielle Union gave credit to her husband, Dwyane Wade, for pegging the group as his golden buzzer choice.

Piff the Magic Dragon and his beloved dog, Mr. Piffles, received a rousing welcome and returned the gratitude by describing how dramatically their lives changed after their “America's Got Talent” success. They have had sold-out shows (from their Flamingo Hotel showroom in Las Vegas) all year since last winter's run on “The Champions,” and soon will be touring nationwide. For this appearance, the snappy Piff presented Simon Cowell with a cake before taking Terry Crews’ very expensive watch and snatching the cake back to give to an audience member. Howie Mandel had the job of dropping the timepieces, the pricey one included, into barrels on the stage.

Mr. Piffles decided not to leave the warm arms of Simon Cowell to run to the stage and find the correct container with the watch. It was sweet to see Simon lavishing kisses on the pooch. Terry’s watch turned out to be right in the middle of the cake, which never left the lap of the men in the audience. Piff and Mr. Piffles haven’t lost their style.

Lukas & Falco, Marcin Patrzalek, and Detroit Youth Choir were called for the next vote. With the support stretching nationwide for the chorus of young singers and their believing director, Mr. White, it's hardly a wonder that the Detroit Youth Choir took the vote. Expect them to finish high in next week's finals, too. The chants of “DYT” ringing from the "AGT" stage won't be stopping anytime soon.

The surprise showed all over the faces of the vocalists in Voices of Service when they were revealed as the next finalist in “America's Got Talent,” sharing the stage with Broadway singing sensation, Luke Islam. Christal Rheams, the female in the quartet, really shined in the rendition of “Choke” on Tuesday, but she nearly fell over in stunned surprise at the news that she and her singing mates were the third finalists of the night. Julianne Hough commended, “Just keep doing what you're doing,” clearly noting that America loves the purpose of these fine singers beyond the success in their futures. Luke Islam will have his Broadway future, spurred on by the experience of this competition.

Finally, the minutes dwindled down until the time for the saving vote to be revealed.

Ryan Niemiller was literally bouncing before getting the news that he was the spared performer, and the road-hearty, Indiana funny man let out a roar of celebration when his name was called. Above and beyond the genuine laughter that Niemiller brings, he leaves lessons in grace, spirit and human resolve. He deserves absolute fullness in his future, and for his “Club Nubb.”

The judges were left to deliberate between Alex Dowis and Emanne Beasha for the last finalist spot for the season. Dowis had especially moved Simon Cowell with his tribute to 9/11 rescuers, and Howie Mandel had to offer his support for the “originality” of the artist. The remaining judges, however, opted for the 10-year-old with the voice and presence of an angel, much like the journey of Jackie Evancho in Season 5.

Much has changed in the almost 10 years since that young singer graced the “America's Got Talent” stage, but the lasting power of beauty and empathy in a song still endures.

The finals for Season 14 air next week on NBC.